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Lonely Planet Kids

What is it?

Lonely Planet Kids encourages the next generation of global citizens to learn about the world around them with engaging books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more.

Learn about the world and its cultures

The Travel Book (2nd Edition): A great world-geography resource, this provides one-page introductions to every country in the world, showcasing their history, geography, culture, food, wildlife and more.

Illustrated with fabulous artwork and photographs, it introduces kids to the planet’s rich cultural and natural diversity.

Amazing World Atlas (2nd Edition): Map by map, this title travels around the world, exploring continents, regions and countries.

Packed with stats and fascinating facts, the atlas also covers the history of mapping, profiles different kinds of maps, and provides tips on how to use and read them.

Learn about practical ways kids can help the planet

101 Small Ways to Change the World: From helping friends to caring for the environment, this is an inspiring book filled with realistic tips on how to make a difference.

It’s fun and factual, with advice that will be useful to both teachers and students.

The Plastic Problem: Filled with straightforward, achievable tips to help reduce and remove plastic from everyday life, this is a practical guide to helping solve plastic pollution.

Each action is small but together they can make a big difference.

Discover worlds above and below us

The Complete Guide to Space Exploration: A great resource for both Geography and STEM learning, this title looks at the history, achievements, technology and future of space exploration, from the first rockets to the moon landings, satellites to space shuttles, planetary rovers to the possible colonisation of other worlds.

The Ocean Book: Another great geography/STEM resource, this book takes a deep dive into the hidden world of seas and oceans.

Explore the history, geography and wildlife of aquatic environments, and learn how we can preserve the ocean’s health for future generations.

“Lonely Planet Kids create amazing books that educate, fascinate and wow kids about our world.”

Chris Zeiher
Lonely Planet brand spokesperson

To order contact your usual Lonely Planet Kids supplier.


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