What is it?

An AI-powered whiteboard camera that gives students, both physically present and learning remotely, a perfect view of the board, to make hybrid learning more accessible.

Logitech Scribe is designed to broadcast whiteboard content with incredible clarity – a crucial innovation in edtech, as hybrid learning becomes more pervasive.

Its intuitive design and support for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms enables teachers to share whiteboard content with in-progress video meetings at the tap of a button.

Capturing dry erase surfaces up to 6ft x 4ft in size, Scribe gives students a clear, real-time view of the whiteboard.

Using AI-assisted software, it can render the teacher transparent, allowing remote students to view the whiteboard without obstructions, while also automatically enhancing the colours of marker pen writing to make content easier to read.

It even has the ability to detect non-digital content, such as Post-it notes.

Scribe comes with everything needed to get started instantly, including a wireless share button, mounting components, power supply and category cables for deployment at scale.

With Scribe, Logitech is expanding what it does best – creating collaborative tools that make it easier for students and teachers to interact with the digital world in more natural and meaningful ways.

“With Scribe we’ve got a glimpse of the technology
powering the classroom of the future”

Ehrika Gladden, head of
video collaboration sales, Logitech

For more information email chopkins@logitech.com or visit logitech.com.