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Incredible Eggs high-welfare hatching kits – Bring the magic of hatching to your classroom

The Lowdown
Incredible Eggs high-welfare hatching kits
In a nutshell
Science / Nature / Life cycles
Key Stage
EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4

Incredible Eggs is a professional provider of high-welfare hatching kits throughout England and Scotland, with over 10 years experience working in education, rare breed preservation and wildlife conservation.

Everything you need is delivered to your setting, including the ready-to-hatch eggs of your choice.

“The service is also supported via a ‘hatching hotline’ for nervous midwives!”

Fully resourced with a wide range of fantastic downloadable educational resources, fabulous posters, a risk assessment, hatching guide and bird welfare manual, the service is also supported via a ‘hatching hotline’ for nervous midwives!

Incredible Eggs is an advocate of ‘old-school’, low-intensity traditional smallholder farming methods, with the knowledge and facilities in place to responsibly offer this service.

Keep, rehome or return hatched birds at collection time – full advice given, see website for details.

Need to know
  • Downloadable science-based activity packs created by best-selling teacher’s author Molly Potter, covering growing and changing, habitats, food chains, reproduction and life cycles (EYFS-KS2).
  • New for 2023! 3 x downloadable PowerPoint presentations and 20+ page resourced activity pack; “Respecting Living Things”, also by Molly Potter. Explore the story of humans and animals, farming and animal welfare (KS1-KS2).

Incredible Eggs

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