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Keep track of where your students are at with their maths studies and where they need to be with this powerful assessment tool

30 Second Briefing

Access Mathematics Tests (AMT) is a skills-based standardised test that tracks the progress of KS3 students as they move through the years 7 to 9.

This assessment is easy to administer, identifies gaps in understanding and informs targeted intervention strategies, available to purchase as an add-on.

1. Accurate bench-marking

AMT was standardised during the 2023/24 academic year, from a representative sample of 10- to 16-year-olds across the country. Teachers can reliably determine where a learner sits in comparison to a representative national sample, and easily identify which learners may need additional support based on strand analysis.

You will have help determining a new student’s mathematical strengths and areas of improvement, regardless of their previous learning experiences.

2. Track student progress

AMT is designed to be a maths progress test suitable for use twice in an academic year, using parallel forms to track how learners have progressed during the school year and how impactful your targeted interventions have been.

Covering Years 7 to 9, the test will enable you to track how a student is progressing as you and your team begin to prepare them for their GCSEs.

3. More effective lesson planning

With enhanced reporting features and reports on student performance, class performance and year group performance, AMT can provide both gap and strand analysis.

AMT produces a standardised score, raw score, age-standardised score, percentile score and mathematics age to help you identify areas in need of further intervention.

If, for example, your class scores comparatively high on probability, but shows less understanding of fractions, this can serve as a clear indication to spend more time and resource teaching skills related to fractions.

“AMT produces a standardised score, raw score, age-standardised score, percentile score and mathematics age to help you identify areas in need of further intervention.”

4. Time-saving interventions

Once your cohort has taken AMT, you can access Shine Interventions* for targeted interventions specific to a student’s identified area of struggle.

Using the enhanced reporting tool, simply click on the student’s profile and the software will present you with the relevant learning sequences and activities.

These can be implemented in group or one-to-one settings, and are accessible for teaching assistants and other support staff. Our leading maths pedagogy experts – researchers and former teachers themselves – have authored learning sequences that tell you exactly what is needed for individual students to progress.

5. Identify students needing support

The assessments can also help to more accurately identify those learners who might need additional interventions, such as students with SEN. You will be able to co-ordinate with your SEN team and TAs to ensure SEN students receive tailored support and better learning experiences.

The parallel forms will then empower you to track the impact of these interventions. What’s more, if you’re using Shine Interventions, your chosen interventions can be delivered by TAs, SENCos and other support members of staff.

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*Available to purchase as an additional add-on

Key points
  • > All standardised data informing Access Mathematics Tests was gathered from 15,000 test submissions from a representative UK sample in the 2023/24 academic year
  • > Access-enhanced reporting features to help view cohorts at individual, class or group levels, and inform lesson planning and intervention strategies
  • > Three sets of age-appropriate parallel forms enable you to track progress and the impact of interventions as a learner moves between school years
  • > The assessment takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete and can be administered in one lesson. Extra time can be added for students who will benefit from it

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