Histominoes is the great new history resource for primary schools that can be played in any number of ways and with any number of players: whether individually, in small groups or as a whole class.

Play and learn history at the same time.

Packs of educational cards each focusing on a different topic of history. New packs are being added to our catalogue all the time, just visit histominoes.com/shop.

“My 10 year old and I had lots of fun playing and learned loads… Was very dyslexia-friendly too…simple to read, and when he did struggle to read it didn’t affect the game at all.”

YW – 2019

At a glance

The aim is to place all the cards in the correct order from ‘Start’ to ‘Finish’ to create a timeline of events and information relating to the topic in focus.

In a nutshell… History + Dominoes = Histominoes, the fun way to learn history!

Each pack contains…

  • 36 illustrated cards
  • Large easy-to-read, dyslexia-friendly font
  • 35 historical facts related to the topic in focus

Prehistoric Britain

Discover Stone Age and Bronze Age Britain: how the land was connected to Europe, hunter gatherers, building small communities, mining for bronze, taming animals and more.

Roman Britain

Which Roman emperor was successful at invading Britain?  What did the Romans bring with them?  Who fought against the Romans? What is Hadrian’s Wall?

Ancient Egypt

What were their kings called? How did they farm in the desert? What did they eat? Why did they build pyramids? Find out all this and more.

Want to know more and see the other packs of Histominoes available then check out our website histominoes.com.

Why Histominoes?

Histominoes are a fun way for children to learn basic historical facts in an interactive and stimulating way.

Histominoes are aimed at the visual and kinaesthetic learner – those who learn best by physically interacting with the topic; children with special educational needs, who need extra support; or those that need to catch up quickly due to absence or other reasons.

Histominoes can be used with groups of varying abilities, there is no winner or loser; everybody wins!

Ways to play and use Histominoes…

There are so many ways to play and learn with Histominoes from the simplest matching game to the more complicated memory game; play individually, in 1-2-1 sessions, in small groups, or involve the entire classroom.

The aim is to lay the cards out from Start to Finish in the correct order, a bit like playing dominoes but with only one correct matching card.

Each card is illustrated with images relating to the specific information being given. The text used is clear, large, and easy to read, perfect for those who struggle with reading.

Working individually or as a team, match and pair the two halves of information from each card using the illustrations as a guide and begin to learn a bit more about the historical topic as you play.

For more ideas on how to play and learn visit our website histominoes.com/howtoplay.

What happened on this day in history?

Children are often fascinated by what happened in history on their birthdays, why not have a corner of your whiteboard dedicated to this every morning.

Histominoes does a weekly blog highlighting the events that happened this week in history. Running Monday to Sunday every week, focusing on British History, the weekly blog highlights major events from the past: births, deaths, coronations, battles, inventions etc.

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Histominoes supports and complements the primary school National Curriculum in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. For more information visit our website histominoes.com.