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PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing

Join the Healthy Steps Quest and make healthy eating fun!

Nutrition is essential for children’s health, development, and wellbeing, and when children have a well-balanced diet, they have more energy to learn, play and grow.

With half-term just having ended, now is the perfect time to encourage your pupils to explore healthy eating to ensure they are refreshed and ready to learn for the remainder of the school year!

Better Health wants your pupils to join in their new and free Healthy Steps Quest, which makes nutrition education fun with exciting quizzes and games. These curriculum-linked activities can be used flexibly to inspire your school, whether in individual classes or a whole school assembly!

Pupils will be able to undertake a range of Healthy Steps quests and embark on their own journey to understanding the benefits of good nutrition, including eating five a day, planned cooking, sugar intake and snacking.

Better Health’s resources are here to support you in improving the lives of young people by giving them the knowledge they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

You can empower your pupils to be smart about their food using our resources featuring planned cooking activities which teach pupils about what’s in their food and fun ways to make healthy snacks and recipes.

There are also other exciting nutrition resources available including the Scan, Swipe, Swap activities toolkit, which is packed full of exciting health hacks and fun, bite-sized activities to help young people make healthier swaps.

“Better Health’s resources are here to support you in improving the lives of young people by giving them the knowledge they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Also, your pupils’ Healthy Steps don’t have to stop at the school gates! Better Health wants to encourage pupils to continue their quest at home and take their families along for the ride.

To encourage families, check out their Healthy Steps School Guidance, which can support schools in promoting healthy eating and nutrition. You can also direct parents and carers to Better Health’s Healthy Steps programme, which contains helpful tips from nutrition experts and other families, as well as tasty and affordable recipes.

Sign up to the School Zone to download the Healthy Steps resources and help your pupils start their very own healthy-eating quest today.

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