Evidence shows that just 30 minutes of daily structured activity improves academic performance by up to 12%*. That’s the same as having an extra year with your pupils before SATs!

Not only that, regular activity has been shown to improve behaviour by up to 67%, while helping to shape happier, healthier children overall.

The benefits of structured activity for whole school improvement is clear to see; the question is how can a school implement structured active learning without adding to teachers’ already heavy workloads?

The curriculum-based active lessons provider, imoves, tackles this challenge head-on with the first evidence-based approach to achieving a more active school.

By slotting easily and seamlessly into teachers’ existing schedules, getting your school moving needn’t entail a big upheaval in your daily routine.

Designed by teachers, for teachers, imoves includes over 1,000 cross-curricular lessons and activities to support active learning in every lesson, inside the classroom.

To minimise planning time while maximising learning outcomes and fun, imoves also includes national curriculum-based lesson plans, demonstration movies, music and flashcards.

Getting started

imoves offers a complete package of digital support that has been tried and tested in hundreds of schools for over 5 years.

Get started with daily ‘active blasts’ and ‘quick blasts’ – short 2- or 10-minute activity sessions which can be used at any point during the day, whether it be to get energy levels up in the morning, or beat the post-lunchtime slump with some invigorating activity.

In a win-win for active schools – pupils get to enjoy the daily variety of activities, while teachers can trust that the resources are always easily accessible and ready to go with minimal (or indeed any) preparation. Often, the only equipment required will be the classroom’s interactive whiteboard.

Illustrating just how much imoves can become embedded in everyday school life, Laura Mossman, PE lead at Mosborough Primary School near Sheffield, comments: “My children wouldn’t even go on a school trip without doing their daily challenge first!”

Getting classrooms active

imoves ‘Active Classrooms’ resources are specifically designed for use in the classroom or school hall and offer activities relevant to a wide range of subjects, including maths, literacy, science, geography, MFL, history and PSHE.

Every activity is designed with key lesson outcomes in mind and can be combined to create whole lessons that ensure children are always able to learn actively – something that may be particularly useful for your kinaesthetic learners.

Whether it’s teaching phonics to Early Years children, the history of the Tudors to Year 6s, or the science of evolution, with hundreds of lessons to choose from teachers will always find something that fits their needs.

Away from academia and reflecting the importance of mental health in schools today, imoves also includes an innovative mindfulness module designed to support children’s abilities to manage stress and anxiety using a variety of relaxation techniques and activities.

Getting PE active

The foundation for seeing the whole school benefits of activity lie in an activity-based PE curriculum. imoves challenges traditional approaches to PE by incorporating a more-inclusive style of physical activity into daily school life.

imoves skills-based curriculum supports pupils’ physical activity, while also developing their physical literacy, with the aid of a full PE curriculum that contains over 600 lessons covering dance, gymnastics, and Pilates, to name but a few. Teachers receive full support for the delivery and assessment of lessons, with opportunities for upskilling along the way.

Described as “the best use of my PE and Sport Premium funding ever” by one PE lead at a Surrey primary school, imoves provides children with the resources to build the key skills they will be required to master through primary school, starting with the fundamentals required at Early Years and KS1, before progressing to invasion games, net and wall, athletic activities, striking and fielding, and OAA at KS2.

As part of its mission to get every classroom active every day by 2022, imoves recently launched the Active Schools Challenge, a free 30-day cross-curricular challenge designed to show schools how easy it really is to get children moving, boost academic performance and improve behaviour and wellbeing.

To join the Active Schools Challenge for free go to imoves.com.

*Alvarez-Bueno et al (2017), The Effect of Physical Activity Interventions on Children’s Cognition and Metacognition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.