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As we approach the exam period, AQA is sharing its support programme, which gives you access to the resources and tools you need in order to identify any learning gaps to then guide your students where necessary.

Want to give your students more exam practice?

We store our past papers on Centre Services.

Past exam papers are ideal for use as mock exams once students have covered enough of the course, have done some revision and practised the skills associated with the course.

Using our past papers can be a great way to help give students the experience of a timed, balanced exam paper which mimics the real thing. Mark schemes can either be used by teachers, or by students to help support self-assessment.

For GCSE science, English and maths, you can also use MERiT to analyse the data that comes from these mocks.

This can help you to plan interventions to support specific groups of students, including those that need to develop specific exam techniques.

MERiT for GCSE French, German, Spanish, geography and history are all available now.

Need to identify gaps in your students’ learning and encourage self-assessment?

Try topic tests on Exampro.

Exampro topic tests have been created by subject-specialists to support your assessment of student knowledge in a range of different areas. Each topic test includes a student and teacher feedback form and the mark scheme can be shared separately.

Your students can complete an assessment, evaluate their confidence on each question then use the mark scheme to check their work.

The feedback form enables students to identify what they know and what they need to do next. You can then use the teacher feedback form to review your students’ work and comments to plan their next steps.

Looking to improve your grade forecasts?

Become an examiner.

You’ll be part of a team of specialists who are trained and developed to apply the mark scheme to ensure every student gets the result they deserve.

With this training and experience, you’ll be that expert that’s able to provide more-specific detail around students’ potential since you know exactly what the examiner is looking for.

Examiners have insight into a range of student responses from schools around the country, which can truly inspire your teaching and promote new thinking in your interventions and exam preparation techniques.

Want to hear from a teacher?

Watch our YouTube playlist.

Using fun tasks and team exercises, you can help prepare your students for their assessments by reinforcing key skills and revisiting any areas or topics that need further attention.

Ramender, an English teacher in Bradford, shares how she works with her students, in-class and online, to address these learning gaps.



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