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Get Set For The New GPS Tests With Skills Builders

Rising Stars

Skills Builders is the fun grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary resource to help make the trickiest areas of the new national curriculum easier to tackle!

With the introduction of the new, more demanding grammar, punctuation and spelling national test, consistent coverage of the GPS requirements in the English programme of study has never been more important.

The brand new edition of Skills Builders has been fully updated to align with the new national curriculum, and offers a fun and active way of teaching, learning, practising and revising all of the technical English requirements.

All bases covered

Skills Builders provides teachers with a comprehensive bank of print and online resources, including:

• A supportive Teacher’s Guide to help introduce all technical English concepts • Colourful Pupil Books, filled with practice questions and active, open-ended investigative tasks • Fun, interactive activities that can be completed on the whiteboard or individually on PCs or tablets • Detailed, editable medium-term plans to help ensure full coverage of the English PoS • Helpful glossaries of grammar, punctuation and spelling terminology for each year group

In Key Stage 1, each year group receives: • 12 online interactive activities with multiple questions • A full-colour Pupil Book covering all grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary objectives

At Key Stage 2, each year group receives: • 12 online interactive activities with multiple questions • A full-colour Pupil Book for grammar and punctuation • A full-colour Pupil Book for spelling and vocabulary.

To see whether Skills Builders will work for your class, click the button at the top of this page to download a selection of sample units for Y2, Y3 and Y5 above and here to access the corresponding online interactive activities.

Join the growing number of schools using Skills Builders to prepare for the new, more challenging national tests at KS1 and KS2!

For more information about Skills Builders, click here


Rising Stars

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