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GCSEPOD – the ultimate digital learning solution

GCSEPod is the ultimate digital learning solution. Bringing together curriculum-led content, homework and assessment, while also tracking student progress, the GCSEPod software reduces teacher workload and is proven to help students achieve one grade higher on average compared to non-users.

GCSEPod is designed to make the biggest impact on as many students as possible – which is why this year, they’re giving away free access to all STEM subjects.

That’s right. They’re looking to grant 200 schools full access to all of their award-winning STEM content and assessment materials, entirely free of charge!

Your whole GCSE cohort will be taken through an expertly crafted, nine-week impact program to see by just how much GCSEPod can raise attainment across all students – stretching and challenging your high achievers with topics such as statistics, whilst also helping even the most reluctant learners to develop their knowledge and skills.

Significantly improve attainment

Statistics show that students with the highest level of GCSEPod usage exceed their predicted grades. One school that used GCSEPod saw its most engaged students gain approximately six grades higher than their non-using peers, irrespective of their ability.

Build student knowledge

GCSEPod provides students with the flexibility to revise at their own pace and level, and the freedom to revise anywhere they wish, at any time, with all the information they need available from one location.

Transform teaching efficiency and productivity

Teachers can set homework via GCSEPod, so that students can build upon their understanding in lessons and address any knowledge gaps – in turn helping to build students’ confidence ahead of their exams.

Reduce teacher workload

GCSEPod can save teachers valuable time by enabling students to access exam-style and ready-made assignments via an online platform, making marking quicker and more effective.

Teachers can rest safe in the knowledge they’re directing their students towards trusted content. Authored by subject experts who are masters at transforming complex concepts into easy to understand revision bites, all GCSEPod content is fully compliant with the National Curriculum.

For more information, call 0845 345 3300, email or visit

Need to know
  • GCSEPod is proven to help students achieve one grade higher on average than non-users, across 30+ GCSE subjects and all exam boards. It’s therefore no surprise that GCSEPod is the number one choice, trusted by over 1,700 subscribing schools.
  • Set homework and lessons in seconds. Track results. Monitor usage. Stretch and challenge your high achievers AND provide intervention for those needing more support.

    GCSEPod brings together the key elements of content, assessment and data – giving a whole new meaning to individualised learning.
  • GCSEPod’s STEM programme grants free access to an extensive selection of high-quality, curriculum-aligned STEM resources meticulously designed to ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking and make students’ learning stick.

    If you’d like to join this favoured club, scan the QR code below or visit the web address shown above.

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