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5 reasons to try… ‘Food – a fact of life’ primary food projects

Food – a fact of life
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With busy primary teachers in mind, Food – a fact of life has created six food projects, one for each year of primary school.

Each project delivers learning about healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from, in an exciting food context! 

1. Ready to use 

Each ready-to-use project not only includes a programme of work and lesson plans, but also all the supporting classroom resources you’ll need, such as presentations, colourful food images, activity sheets and card games. All the work has been done for you – saving hours of planning and preparation time! 

2. Flexible options  

The projects have been designed to be taught once a week for six weeks, but they offer plenty of flexibility. For example, additional related activity ideas are provided in the lesson plans to enable you to extend the project or take it in different directions, to suit the needs of your children and school.

The project documents are fully editable, so you can tweak, adapt or modify them in any way you wish. There are plenty of opportunities to use the project themes to reinforce or deliver aspects of other curriculum subject such as literacy, numeracy or history. 

3. Curriculum compliant – UK wide 

Each project comprises an introduction to what will be covered, learning objectives, and curriculum links for each area of the UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The teaching and learning for each project has been built to deliver the food content in different curriculum subjects. For example, in England, this would cover the food content in Design and technology – Cooking and nutrition, Science and RSE and Health Education, whereas in Scotland, it would be Technologies, Health and wellbeing and Sciences.  

“The project documents are fully editable, so you can tweak, adapt or modify them in any way you wish.”

4. Developing knowledge 

The projects help ensure progression in food teaching as children transition through primary school. From healthy eating and nutrition knowledge to practical food skills, the projects ensure pupils’ knowledge and skills are always developing.  

5. Varied and engaging themes  

A wide variety of food-related content is covered in the projects from learning about the Eatwell Guide, hygiene and safety, and how to use the bridge hold and claw grip to prepare food, to exploring the processes involved in producing bread and milk.

Learning is delivered within the context of six engaging, pupil-friendly themes:  

The primary food projects are…
  • Free 
  • Ready to use 
  • Curriculum compliant  
  • Developed by Food – a fact of life – a trusted source of food education resources and training for over 30 years!

Food – a fact of life is managed by the British Nutrition Foundation, in partnership with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). 

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Food – a fact of life
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