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Five tips to deliver good career guidance in the classroom with the Step into the NHS KS4 resources

Good career guidance makes a huge difference to young people’s futures.

It inspires them, allows them to make informed decisions, and raises their awareness of different career routes.

Here are five top tips to help you deliver inspiring careers education and meet the Gatsby benchmarks, with some useful ways to use the Step into the NHS KS4 resources.

1) Help your students explore their strengths and skills

An important area of careers education is to help students understand their strengths, skills and interests to pick a career route which will work for them.

Knowing themselves well will also help them write a tip-top CV and succeed at interviews.

To get started, pick the fun quiz or skill map activity from topic one of the Step into the NHS KS4 resources.

2) Explore a range of different roles

Learning from careers and labour market information and hearing from professionals are part of the Gatsby benchmarks for good career guidance and key to expanding students’ horizons and helping them make decisions about their future.

The Step into the NHS KS4 resources allow students to discover more than 350 jobs in healthcare: from accounts assistant to paramedic and from chef to physiotherapist. Some jobs may surprise you!

Students will dive into the numerous NHS careers, learning more about the daily responsibilities of each role and what routes will get them into the job.

3) Support conversations around sensitive topics

Preparing young people for the future isn’t just about exploring careers.

It is also essential to support your students to deal with issues they might be facing, such as poor mental health and stress, or addictive behaviours.

Topic four of the Step into the NHS KS4 resources provide students with factsheets to identify common issues they may face and create an engaging campaign to help people deal with these issues.

4) Deliver a range of different activities

Exploring careers can feel like a ‘big topic’ for young people, so it might be a good idea to deliver a range of activities that are fun and engaging.

The Step into the NHS KS4 resources have been created with flexibility at their core so you can pick which ones work for you and your students, whether it is a fun quiz, a group challenge or even a role-play!

5) Embed career guidance in the curriculum

Embedding career guidance in the curriculum is easy with the Step into the NHS KS4 resources.

With each topic area containing a range of careers and PSHEE activities supporting other subjects, such as English, drama, citizenship and health and social care, there’s no need to carve out time outside of the curriculum.

Our resources also bring classroom learning to life for young people, as they connect what they learn with future careers.

Raise the aspirations of your students and prepare them to enter the world of work by downloading the resources today.

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