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5 reasons to try… First News Education

First News Education
30 Second Briefing

Boost reading for pleasure, build vocabularies, develop critical literacy skills and empower children to understand the world they are growing up in, with First News Education’s award-winning non-fiction and news-based learning resources.

1. Boost reading for pleasure

A subscription to First News is an easy way to ensure that every child in your class has regular access to high quality, engaging non-fiction – and a powerful reason to read it.

Every week sees the arrival of a new issue, bursting with award-winning, age-appropriate coverage of top stories from around the world, that kids will love to read and share.

From politics, history and geography to entertainment, nature, sport, gaming and travel, there’s always something to interest and inspire everyone; with children’s own voices and experiences right at the heart of every article.

2. Develop critical literacy

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that schools are able to equip children with the tools they will need to navigate an increasingly information-saturated world safely, and with confidence.

First News offers impartial, accessible news coverage that teachers, parents and pupils can trust, along with exciting, curriculum-linked resources, designed to develop key critical literacy skills and help young learners separate fake from fact.

3. Inspire powerful discussions

Every issue of First News is packed with debate-worthy stories – both serious and light-hearted – offering great starting points for thoughtful, respectful discussion around topics that really matter to children, like climate change, inclusion and of course, education.

Complex and sensitive issues are presented in a way that pupils can understand, and contextualised where appropriate with links to resources from the extensive First News archive.

“Every issue of First News is packed with debate-worthy stories – both serious and light-hearted – offering great starting points for thoughtful, respectful discussion.”

4. Make teaching easy

Even without the accompanying resources, First News is a brilliant teaching tool.

As well as being a rich source of model texts across multiple non-fiction genres (including recounts, arguments and persuasive writing), it has applications for the whole literacy curriculum.

For example, outstanding photography makes for amazing writing prompts, quizzes and puzzles check recall, and tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary is highlighted and explained throughout.

5. Create your own package

From a single print copy to schoolwide, single-link digital access – not to mention the Bett Award-winning learning platform, Engage Pro – you decide exactly what your school needs to create the right package for you.

A dedicated customer success team is always available to ensure you are getting maximum value from your subscription.

Need to know
  • Exciting, age-appropriate non-fiction that teachers, parents and children can trust
  • New, high-quality teaching resources every week, differentiated three ways
  • Ideal for boosting reading for pleasure and developing critical literacy skills
  • Bespoke subscription packages for all school sizes and budgets

First News Education

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