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How to use FAKE by Ele Fountain in KS2

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Novels by Ele Fountain including Fake

Imagine a world where your only friends are virtual, and big tech companies control access to food, healthcare and leisure. This is Jess’s world. 

But when she turns fourteen, Jess can go to school with other children for the first time. Most of them hate the ‘real’ world, but Jess begins to question whether the digital world is ‘perfect’ after all. 

Back home, her sister Chloe’s life-saving medication is getting ever more expensive. Determined to help, Jess risks everything by using skills forbidden in the cyber-world, only to stumble on something explosive.

Something that will turn her whole world upside down. 

It’s up to Jess to figure out exactly what is real, and what is fake – Chloe’s survival depends on it. 

Fake, by Ele Fountain, is a highly original new novel that can be used to explore the impact of technology on pupils’ lives as well as developing reading skills.

In Fake, the author explores social issues in a thrilling adventure which blurs the boundaries between the real and digital worlds. Jess uses her coding skills to help her sister, but enters classified areas where she discovers some explosive truths as she tries to help her family. 

This free resource pack provides activities suitable for pupils in Years 5 and 6 (and 7) based on Fake by Ele Fountain, writer of the award-winning novel Boy 87

The resource pack will guide teachers when reading this book to the class, providing questions to prompt class discussions about characters and events as the narrative unfolds.

A range of activities delve deeper into the story and discuss the themes explored in the book.

With opportunities to link to the computing curriculum and explore relationships and online safety in PSHE, this page-turning book will keep readers hooked as well as offering the opportunity to explore and discuss themes relevant to young people. 

About Ele Fountain

Ele Fountain worked as an editor in children’s publishing where she helped launch and nurture the careers of many prize-winning and bestselling authors.  

Ele’s debut novel, Boy 87, won four awards and was nominated for nine more, including the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Lost won the 2021 Portsmouth Book Award.

She lives in Hampshire with her husband and two daughters. 

Download the free resource pack for FAKE by Ele Fountain.

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