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Extinct – Get ready for the superstars of the Story of Life

Head of Zeus

Hallucigenia – the super-weird

  • Hallucigenia was a tiny, spiky, armoured worm
  • Hallucigenia was a shallow water filter feeder eating rotting and dead material
  • Hallucigenia went extinct in the End Ordovician mass extinction 443 million years ago
  • Hallucigenia was only 5-35mm in length
  • Three different species of Hallucigenia have been identified from only 109 fossils found

Dunkleosteus – the super-snappy

  • Dunkleosteus may have been cannibals
  • Dunkelosteus had no teeth but hunted and killed prey with the bone of its jaw
  • Dunkleosteus could snap its jaws five times faster than you can blink!
  • The Devonian period was also known as the Age of Fishes
  • Dunkleosteus was as long as two family cars back to back

Trilobite – the super-invader

  • There were over 20,000 species of trilobite and they survived for 300 million years
  • Their stomach was in their head
  • Trilobites are the most diverse group of extinct animals identified so far
  • Trilobites had compound eyes which could have as many as 15,000 lenses in each eye
  • Trilobites flourished globally in all the oceans whether deep waters or shallow, polar or tropical

Lisowicia – the super-sized

  • Lisowicia was only named and unveiled to the world in 2019,cutting edge science revealed after lying undiscovered for over 200 million years
  • Lisowicia was a herbivore found in what is now Poland, from where it takes its name
  • Lisowicia, as one of the first mammals, is a distant relative of ours!
  • Lisowicia is twice the size of an African elephant
  • The causes of the End Triassic mass extinction mirror what is happening in 2021 – a warning to us all!

Tyrannosaurus rex – the super-misunderstood

  • T rex had the most powerful bite-force of any animal ever recorded
  • T rex is well-known as a scaly, green killer, or was it a feathered predator that honked like a goose?
  • T rex had a keen sense of smell, hearing and excellent binocular vision
  • The longest T rex tooth found so far is 30.5cm
  • T rex is among the 1,000 dinosaur species we know about, with more being discovered all the time


Head of Zeus

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