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Book an educational workshop at the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

A visit to the Natural History Museum is a fun and inspirational day out for young people. We’ve got lots of exciting workshops and shows that secondary classes can get involved with. Read on to find out more…

Spirit animals

In our Spirit Collection Tour, students can go behind the scenes with our knowledgeable Learning Facilitators for a look at the Museum’s fascinating zoology collection that is preserved in spirit.

As you explore some of the Darwin Centre’s 27 kilometres of shelves, your class will encounter numerous treasures hidden among the 22 million animal specimens housed there. You’ll even meet Archie – our 8.62-metre-long giant squid!

Meet the Scientist

Why not book one of our ‘Meet the Scientist’ shows? These live talks are hosted by a Science Communicator who will interview one our museum scientists.

Your class will find out about what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum from a real scientist who works with the collection.

It’s the ideal opportunity for students to meet inspirational role models and discover the range of fascinating scientific work that they do.

“It’s the ideal opportunity for students to meet inspirational role models and discover the range of fascinating scientific work they do.”

Learn with LEGO

We have collaborated with the LEGO Group to deliver two exciting schools’ workshops.

In the ‘Mission to Mars: LEGO® Explorers Workshop’, pupils work in small teams to design and build a LEGO Martian rover. They then code, test and evaluate their designs before seeing how their rovers perform on a realistic Martian surface.

In the ‘LEGO® Build the Change: Save our Planet!’ workshop, pupils will use their creativity to design, build and share a solution to a real-world sustainability challenge.

Exploring nature

Why not book our Explore: Urban Nature workshop, which is delivered collaboratively with The Royal Parks Learning Programme?

Taking place in Hyde Park, your students will become urban nature scientists through exploring museum specimens and investigating human impacts on the environment.

You can browse the full list of workshops, shows and tours available on our website. You can also sign up to our monthly Teachers’ Newsletter to hear more about our schools offering, and how you and your class can get involved with the Museum.

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Natural History Museum
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