Curriculum support, learning enrichment and pastoral support provision with the learning environment

At a glance

  • A flexible online learning platform for pupils, parents and teachers spanning KS1-4
  • Self-directed online and offline activities
  • Ready-made teaching plans and activities that can save on lesson prep time
  • Allows for full curriculum integration of mental health and wellbeing
  • CPD videos and webinars to support curriculum delivery and hybrid learning

Home learning in lockdown made a star of EdTech platforms in a way no one could have predicted. Overnight, schools had to quickly pivot from bricks-and-mortar education to offering a more-versatile form of pedagogy by adopting digital learning.

Yet while some virtual platforms have shone, others have merely flickered.

One platform that has really stood out, however, is which can provide schools with a combination of curriculum, enrichment and pastoral support, delivered via a thematic, project-based approach to learning that’s suitable for all ages.

With a one-year KS3 subscription comes a complete curriculum programme for foundation subjects, with links to English, science and maths and access to learning resources for Y7 to Y9, complete with overviews and teacher notes for every theme and customisable curriculum maps.

At KS4, can provide schools with thematic units consisting of independent, guided activities that link to different GCSE subjects, with supporting links and information on related careers, virtual tours, videos, podcasts, suggested fiction and competitions.

Said themes cover an impressive range of topics, from a study of the Indian subcontinent to an exercise where students take on the role of an architect bidding for a new project in their local area.

These are richly supported with detailed, teacher-authored lesson plans that link to cultural capital, family learning opportunities, essential knowledge, people, place and time.

Student wellbeing is central to the offer, and as such you’ll find themes that link to information, advice, encouragement and suggestions sourced from the online mental wellbeing community Kooth.

All resources are automatically assigned to student accounts, potentially giving your school’s ongoing health and wellness initiatives an active and high-profile place in students’ daily lives.

Also on the platform you’ll find knowledge quizzes with instant feedback, along with the option to generate reports that measure gap analysis, progress over time and task completion. These are incredibly useful for assessment and feedback purposes, and could save staff considerable administrative time.

The teacher and student dashboards are easy to navigate, with intuitive interfaces that keep everything clear. Teachers can also access a user management system that will support their use of the platform itself, with a host of tips, helpful guides, FAQs and free webinars.

COVID-19 has brought about a fundamental shift in how schools teach and students learn. This top-quality EdTech platform can play a central role in enabling schools to offer the kind of post-lockdown blended learning that will result in positive outcomes all round. is an excellent example of best practice when it comes to EdTech platforms that can engage and hold students’ interest.


  • Can increase learners’ engagement and give them a sense of purpose
  • Includes vital support for maintaining wellbeing and mental health
  • Enhances learning for students with specific needs
  • Relieves some administrative burden from teachers
  • Features an array of powerful professional development tools
  • Facilitates better parental engagement

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Reviewed by John Dabell

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