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How PD Academy can reduce your workload and improve your practice

What is CPD?

CPD is any learning that helps you maintain and improve your performance as a teacher. 

It covers the development of your knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours across all areas of your professional practice. 

You are responsible for identifying your CPD needs, planning how those needs should be addressed and undertaking CPD that will support your professional development and practice. 

Schools are also responsible for making sure that their workforce is competent, up-to-date and able to meet the needs of the school community. 

Schools should maintain and develop the skills of all staff and facilitate access to the resources and training that will support this. 

But where do secondary educators find high-quality and quality-assured CPD courses without travelling halfway across the country and paying a small fortune? 

Online CPD learning can be just as effective as face-to-face methods and the online portal from Pearson is perfect for helping teachers and leaders learn more, climb higher and go further in their careers.

New professional development programme

Pearson Professional Development Academy provides hundreds of subject-based courses for both Edexcel GCSE and A-Level curriculums that will allow you to give the best support to your students. 

Our engaging and motivating courses are vehicles for bringing about continuous improvement in your school and creating conditions for growth. 

They will enable you to plan, deliver and evaluate the best possible lessons you can in order to achieve the best possible learning for your students and cultivate joint professional development. 

The PD Academy will help you keep up-to-date and be successful in all the work that you do, access best practice and reflect regularly on your standards of teaching, learning and assessment.

Training for your subject area

Your CPD activities should be shaped by your professional needs and the needs of your school and the learners you teach. 

We recognise that teacher expertise is highly domain specific and one-size-fits-all fits no one. That is why PD Academy offers a wide choice of well-designed Edexcel GCSE, international GCSE and A-level courses that can help you get the most out of the curriculum, improving the learning experience and outcomes of your students. 

An important feature of effective CPD is that it is either focused directly on developing knowledge or practice in a subject area. That’s why we offer both free and paid CPD training options in the following subjects and more: 

Online training courses 

Our virtual training courses are very simple to search by subject and level and are either on-demand, watch-anytime videos so you can learn in bite-sized chunks (with PowerPoint slides) or scheduled live sessions where participants receive e-certificates. 

Each of our practical courses consists of a combination of learning tools, including interactive content, advice, reflective thinking, referenced text, audio and video. 

The wide choice of courses we offer effectively builds knowledge, motivates, develops teaching techniques, embeds practice and allows you to develop your own learning portfolio of expertise. 

Powerful professional learning helps transform student outcomes and also supports teachers and teams in their roles. Our courses will build your confidence, help engage students and support the development of their skills and yours too. 

Our online courses provide lots of opportunities to make sure you’re always on top of whatever comes up next, helping you to stay well-informed on trends and changes. 

The PD Academy can arrange centre-based learning where specialist trainers deliver online training and facilitate a group-learning experience for your staff at a date and time of your choosing in your school.

Courses about mental health and more

We also offer courses in mental health, diversity & inclusion, dyslexia and SEND so you can meet the needs of a wide range of learners. 

High-quality short training courses for teachers can have a significant effect on pupils’ learning outcomes. Our extensive range of first-class courses can also meet your individual CPD needs at every stage of your career, including wider aspects of your practice such as subject leadership and other teaching or training responsibilities you have. 

For example, we offer non-subject courses in: 

Pearson training courses can help support specific changes in your practice which may enhance your career development opportunities and work satisfaction. 

They will give you the confidence and professional skills you need to progress further and contribute to a community of practice, wherever you’re teaching. 

Our range of courses can help you to discover new aspects of what you do that will keep you absorbed and motivated, as well as areas of growth that you can explore and new potential for development. 

They ensure that all staff are compliant with DfE and Ofsted’s requirements.

“EPI research shows that high teacher workload represents one of the greatest obstacles to accessing CPD.”

Reducing teacher workload 

You are responsible for making sure that your CPD activities are relevant, effective and provide good value, and that is where the Pearson Professional Development Academy can help. 

A report from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) found that 35 hours of high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) a year could improve teacher retention and is almost as effective for improving pupil outcomes as having a teacher with ten years’ experience in the classroom. 

Excellent CPD is therefore important, and this is where Pearson PD Academy can help. 

The EPI research shows that high teacher workload represents one of the greatest obstacles to accessing CPD. Interventions are likely to see success if they are both attractive and strive to minimise the demands placed on teachers. 

Our online CPD courses mean professional development is more accessible for teachers and better for workload and wellbeing, as well as being a more affordable option than traditional learning methodologies. In many cases they are freely available.

PD Academy courses provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to plan your learning around other priorities so you can balance work, family and social commitments more rigorously. 

Consider spending an hour online learning on a Saturday afternoon compared to the amount of time, effort and money required to attend an event in person – our courses are a timesaver! 

Easy to use

For varied, rich and sustainable CPD courses, Pearson’s PD Academy is a pedagogical platform that can instil new insights and advance your professional learning, know-how, and subject skills. 

Its ease of use and flexible approach means PD Academy is an ideal training and education tool for busy education professionals to learn new skills, pursue interests or advance your career. 

They let you take ownership of your learning. They also promote lifelong learning which supports personal development and staff retention. 

Online learning continues to prove its value to education. CPD learning with PD Academy

means you can be confident that you are engaging with high-quality, high-impact CPD that will improve your teaching, support your wellbeing and enable your students to achieve better outcomes. 

Browse our dynamic range of professional development courses, learn essential skills and give yourself a competitive edge when it comes to your career development. 


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