Throughout the disruption caused by COVID-19, ensuring student learning remains unaffected has been precedent, and with The Complete Literacy Solution by Renaissance, students remain engaged and motivated when it comes to reading and learning within a blended learning environment.

Star Reading

Star Reading identifies gaps in learning arising from COVID-19 closures and disruption and shows reading progress made by each student.

Supported by research conducted by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and trusted by over 6,000 schools in the UK and Ireland, Star Assessments for Reading and Maths provide the perfect computer-adaptive online assessment tool.

  • Time-saving – Take a test in 20-minutes or less
  • Cost-effective – Unlimited personalised testing for a single base price
  • Valid – The NFER has normed Star from over 6.5 million tests, making it more reliable than ever before

Accelerated Reader

Whether students are in class or at home, Accelerated Reader encourages reading for pleasure, especially amongst struggling and reluctant readers, and allows teachers to track and monitor progress to help close the attainment gap due to school closures.

Independent studies from the National Literacy Trust show that Accelerated Reader has a positive impact on students’ enjoyment of reading and the number of books that they read, while an independent study by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) showed ‘particularly positive effects’.

How Accelerated Reader works:

  • A student reads a suitably challenging book from the 38,000 already quizzed for Accelerated Reader
  • They then take an online Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice or Literacy Skills quiz on the title – in school or at home
  • They then receive instant feedback on their results, earning points towards their personalised target


Getting lost in a book is a joy every child should experience because the more they read for pleasure, the more likely they are to progress in vocabulary, spelling, and other key literacy skills.

myON by Renaissance allows students to explore a whole new world of reading in school or at home, with up to 6,000 digital books on myON, including primary and secondary book packs that link to the national curriculum.

How can myON support reading in school and at home?

  • Access up-to 5,600 digital books including titles to support Junior and Leaving Certification such as Romeo & Juliet, The Merchant of Venice and Frankenstein
  • Every child can access all books online and offline, 24/7. Available for iPad, Android tablets, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire HD, and Smartphones.
  • Create your own or choose from over 6,000 homework projects that can be assigned individually, within groups or for a whole class.

We work with over 7,000 schools nationwide by supporting great teaching and accelerating literacy levels. To book a free online demonstration of any Renaissance product, please visit our website or call us on 020 7184 4040.