Learning Resources® has been a leader in educational toys, games, and classroom essentials for over 35 years. We help teachers create a rich learning experience by providing students with hands-on resources that allow them to make meaningful connections to real-world concepts.

Schools across the country rely on our high-quality, hands-on teaching aids to support the National Curriculum Framework. Help your students develop a secure foundation in maths with these best-selling maths teaching resources developed by education experts.

The Original Three Bear Family

From counting, ordering numbers, subitising, adding and subtracting, to comparing and sorting by colour, size and weight, there are so many ways to play and learn with The Original Three Bear Family®, also popularly known as the Compare Bears®.

These colourful teddy bear counters come in 10 fun colours, and three weights and three sizes. This allows students to compare by three different attributes and helps deepen their understanding of these fundamental maths concepts. They are also ideal for sorting and patterning activities.

The range includes balances that help children learn about measuring, weighing, and comparing through hands-on play and activities.

MathLink Cubes

MathLink® Cubes are the colourful, linkable, stackable cubes that are ideal for supporting students in Key Stage 1 maths learning. Using these award-winning colourful cubes promotes maths fluency by giving students hands-on ways to visualise and solve simple maths problems.

Use them to help children with counting, sorting and patterning, addition and subtraction, number bonds, and early multiplication. When maths lessons end, MathLink Cubes double as fun building toys.

Ideal for individual or group learning, the range includes the top-selling MathLink Cubes Activity Set, MathLink Cubes Set of 100, and MathLink Cubes Set of 1,000.

Learning Resources has developed a special edition MathLink Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set. This set has all children need to use special edition MathLink Cubes to build the Numberblocks One to Ten in all the ways seen in the episodes.

The set comes with Character Cards featuring quick and easy maths activities and write-and-wipe Activity Cards which feature 30 activities that closely follow several episodes from Series 1-3.


tacklingtables™ is the fun card game that helps students achieve the National Curriculum requirements of knowing their times tables 1-12 and corresponding division facts off by heart by the end of Year 4.

Created by maths teachers, this engaging game helps deepen children’s understanding of number relationships and commutativity, boosts mental maths fluency, and builds confidence through fun, exciting play.

The method uses a colour-coded chart to show students which times tables they need to master each year. Blue covers the 1, 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Green covers 3, 4, and 8 times tables. Red covers 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12. Playing cards are colour-coded to match.

The Classroom Set has 10 decks of cards and includes a reliable baseline assessment method to evaluate each child’s capabilities and measure their progress. Teachers will find that playing for just 5-10 minutes a day will make a big difference in students’ progress.

tacklingtables is also available in a Student Set for one-on-one play in the classroom or at home.

Smart learning solutions

Aware that space is at a premium in the modern classroom, Learning Resources has launched innovative Rainbow Fraction® Measuring Cups and Nestable Balances that give children fun, hands-on ways to explore measurement, weight, volume and equivalency, using resources that are quick and easy to set up, pack away, and store.

The Nestable Pan and Bucket Balances are available as single units or in sets of four. The clear pans and buckets hold 500ml of liquids or dry solids, which allows students to see inside during lessons.

Each Balance has an adjustable equivalency dial which lets children explore greater than, less than, and equal to. The Buckets and Balances pieces nest together for convenient storage.

The Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups come in a set of four and a set of nine, and are a fun, 3D way to help children learn fractions, volume, and capacity.

Each cup has a colourful base to help students visualise the fraction, and clear sides so children can see inside when filling. Cups slot neatly into the storage base when not in use.

Free maths activity sheets

Learning Resources offers schools printable activity sheets on a variety of school subjects including maths. Downloads are free and unlimited.

From colourful counters that build early mathematical skills, to exciting games that boost children’s mental maths fluency, Learning Resources’ primary school maths learning staples are developed to support each student’s learning journey.

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