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5 reasons to book Immersive Experiences in 2023

Immersive Experiences
30 Second Briefing

Since 2014, Immersive Experiences has been introducing students of all ages to the magnificence of the universe through its amazing 360-degree video technology in its portable domes.

With fully trained astrophysicists, teachers and astronomers on its staff, Immersive boasts a wealth of education and outreach experience.

In addition to presenter-led shows, it also has the widest selection of films for all levels across 15 different subjects, including chemistry, physics, biology and even English!

1.  The ‘Wow!’ factor

Nothing beats the look on students’ faces when they enter the room and find the dome there waiting for them. The anticipation builds, and then they go through the entrance portal and into another world, or out into the universe!

Teachers and staff are also carried away by the excitement and it becomes an incredible learning experience for all. 

We can also bring our incredible Campo del Cielo meteorites so that the students can touch a piece of rock that has come from space and is over 4.5 billion years old!

“A truly magical experience for everyone. Incredible service from the moment they arrived and delivered the shows. The children will be talking about this for weeks!” 

2. A range of options

We have the world’s largest fleet of dome – 23 at current count – to suit every space. From our smallest four-metre dome to the seven-metre, eight-metre and beyond, if you have the space, we can fill it!

The larger the size of dome, the more students can partake in the experience. For those not in the dome, we also have other options, including VR headsets, drones and Augmented Reality cards, where students can see the universe come to life in front of them. 

Language is also no barrier, as we have films available in multiple languages, including Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Tamil, Telugu and Turkish, both with subtitles and narration. 

“An amazing experience, with such incredible service from staff. FIVE STARS!”

3. A range of subjects

A planetarium isn’t limited to astronomy! While the jewel in our crown is our adaptable, presenter-led astronomy shows, delivered by our highly-trained staff, we can bring a range of subject films to your students.

This includes all the sciences, geography, geology, palaeontology, art, culture, design, history, music, photography, dance, film and maths, and even a reduced version of Romeo and Juliet for English! 

If you need live-action historical presentations, then our staff can take you back to WWI, Tudor times, or even show you how mediaeval weaponry worked. Viking axe-throwing? We can do that too! 

We are also great believers in the power of storytelling, and can enthral all ages with tales for World Book Day, or run workshops on CVs and interview techniques. If that’s not enough, then we also provide STEM-based board games to keep your students occupied!

“We highly recommend the company; nothing too difficult from the moment they arrived and very flexible programmes.”

4. Accessibility

Accessibility is incredibly important to us, as we want to make sure that no student is left without the opportunity to access the universe. All our domes can accommodate wheelchairs, and we can provide hearing loops where needed.

We are the UK’s leader in developing SEN/PMLD content, and were the first planetarium company to earn the Good to Go rating in 2020 for our COVID-safe measures. 

We also want to ensure that location isn’t an issue, and we boast full national UK coverage, as well as further afield. If a visit is not available, then we can reach classrooms virtually through Zoom, Teams and other software and deliver shows to your students that way! 

“Brilliant value for money, with a premium feel to the whole experience – the school will not forget.” 

5. Price

We believe in fair and transparent pricing, which is why you can look up all our prices on our website, alongside a bursary scheme for schools and charities that may not be able to afford the full cost. 

And finally, while other companies may be putting their prices up this year, we have committed to celebrating our ninth birthday by taking nine per cent off all our 2022 prices!


Immersive Experiences
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