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When we’re young, the world seems vast and, at times, bewildering; to make sense of the present, we have to look to the past.

Big Ideas from History takes readers on a journey through time, from the beginning of the universe up to today, to discover what lessons history can teach us.

As with other titles by The School of Life, the book places the reader at its centre, teaching them the elements of self-knowledge, mental wellbeing and emotional maturity.

Packed with fascinating stories and beautiful illustrations, it answers some of the biggest questions children aged 9-12 have about the past, while teaching them valuable life lessons that will help them grow into happy, healthy and emotionally mature adults. 

What is history for?

Lots of books tell us stories from history; far fewer that explain how those stories can help us today.

We explore the therapeutic benefits of studying history, including: gaining perspective, finding inspiration, and how the past can be a source of resilience and hope.  

Why should I care about history?

Through carefully chosen stories and beautiful illustrations, the book makes history inviting, engaging and above all relevant to younger readers.

It shows how history can help to shape my story: giving children the means of discovering who they are (and who they’d like to become).  

Whose history matters?

From the ancient Egyptians to the native Americans, the Islamic Golden Age to the decolonisation of Africa, the book has a truly global focus.

By introducing readers to a wealth of different times and cultures, it aims to broaden their minds and practice tolerance and empathy.  

From the past, to the future 

Finally, the book looks forwards as well as backwards; mining history for lessons they can carry into adulthood.

As well as helping children understand the modern world, we invite them to imagine how they might build a more perfect one in the future.  

About The School of Life for Kids 

The School of Life for Kids is a publisher of books, games and learning tools for children. We introduce curious young minds to brilliant ideas – ideas that can help them grow into happy, healthy and emotionally mature adults.

We specialise in developing emotional literacy, giving young people the tools for comprehending and communicating their thoughts and feelings (and those of other people).

Beautifully written and illustrated, our books and tools are used in classrooms and homes around the world as part of early years education.  

You can find our entire library of children’s books and games as well as FREE supporting teaching resources on our website.

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