At a glance

  • A fully contained, standalone vocabulary resource
  • Exceptionally functional and accessible
  • Learners’ progress fully trackable
  • Engaging, interesting texts form the basis stimulus
  • Testing ensures that learners get a tailored experience

Bedrock Vocabulary is Bedrock Learning’s comprehensive online vocabulary programme for pupils from KS2-KS4.

It’s now taught to over 250,000 students in 15 different countries, with the numbers rising all the time; and it doesn’t take long upon investigation to realise why.

The broad and rich curriculum immerses children in aspirational, Tier 2 vocabulary, helping to close the word gap whilst ensuring they read interesting fiction and non-fiction texts.

However, the aspect that makes Bedrock Vocabulary so uniquely effective is that it’s a personally tailored experience.

This is achieved by using what Bedrock Learning calls the Alpha test, which benchmarks each pupil and then gives them access to materials that are suitable for their level of understanding and comprehension.

Learning with Bedrock Vocabulary is undertaken and tracked through a simple process of testing, reading, teaching and testing again. Not only do children see where they need to focus their efforts, teachers are able to track individual progress against the pupils’ tailored needs.

The interface for learners is intuitive, clear and well designed, so children quickly build familiarity with the layout and functionality.

As such, Bedrock Vocabulary is a brilliant tool for home learning as well as classroom work, encouraging pupils to take responsibility for developing their own vocabularies.

The resources are aesthetically satisfying, too, with neutral tones used throughout, and subtle backgrounds for the texts adding extra levels of interpretation.

The instructions and the tests are well written, meaning that cognitive load remains low, ensuring the focus of pupils’ attention remains on the words, rather than figuring out what to do next.

Navigation between reading tests, resources and words becomes second nature with even the shortest exposure to the platform, highlighting the level of thought, research and development that Bedrock Learning has invested into every aspect of this programme.

A nice touch is the progress bar on each aspect of each unit, as well as the overall progress bars on the student home page. Not only does it give some insight to the learner about their effort, but it also allows them an overview of the week which is comparable to the previous week.

All of this data is trackable from the teacher view, too.

Crucial, of course, is the content – and there’s no doubt that Bedrock Vocabulary has this just right.

As they move through the programme, pupils are introduced to a dizzying range of genuinely engaging texts they’ll love, with cross-curricular links to topics such as ancient Egypt and our solar system.

And along the way, more challenging vocabulary is gradually introduced, at the right pace for them, and reinforced until knowledge and understanding are secure.

Not only is this superb preparation for their KS2 SATs, it will set learners up marvellously for success at KS3 and 4; can you really afford not to give Bedrock Vocabulary a look?


  • Statistically proven to improve students’ vocabulary
  • Cross-curricular topics support learning across the National Curriculum
  • Uses spaced learning to ensure long-term memory retention
  • Can support questions Ofsted may ask about your school’s literacy teaching as part of their new inspection framework
  • Unlimited free support via phone, email and live chat

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Reviewed by Adam Riches