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Teach the dangers of air pollution with this new teaching resource

EGO Power Plus

Primary school teachers across the UK are being asked to educate children on the dangers of air pollution with the launch of a new teaching resource.

EGO Power Plus, a battery-powered outdoor power equipment specialist, has developed an education pack, complete with lesson plans and worksheets, with the intention of helping children understand the hidden dangers of petrol-powered garden tools.

Petrol tools like mowers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers are still popular among facilities managers and caretakers when maintaining green spaces like playing fields and playgrounds.

Designed for Key Stage 2 students between ages eight to nine, the pack will introduce children to the dangers associated with petrol tools, including higher levels of noise and pollution on the environment.

It will also look at what the alternative solutions are and how, collectively, we can create a cleaner, quieter, and safer future.

Emma Gayler, marketing manager at EGO Power Plus says: “We are really pleased to be seeing more and more schools across the country increasing their efforts to support the environment.

“The introduction of ‘green barriers’ and ‘no-idling zones’ shows that schools are recognising how important it is to set a good example for students.

“However, there is still one area where schools are missing a good opportunity. The majority still allow the use of petrol garden tools on their grounds.

Not only are these extremely loud and disruptive to classes but they also emit toxic fumes which pollute what should be a safe environment.”

The resources and lesson plans have been created with the national curriculum in mind, and feature lessons that can be used in art, English and science subjects as well as be integrated into existing lessons surrounding the topic of pollution.

Based on a personified character ‘Smoggy’ who represents air pollution, children will be taught examples of how they can help to improve air quality, such as walking to school, and how to recognise the sources of air pollution.

As part of the pack, students will also be asked to create a hero within their very own comic book, design a pair of ear defenders and make a coin battery, as well as learn about the differences between petrol and battery-operated tools.

Resources are provided in the pack, including lesson plans, video clips, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and Smoggy cut-outs.

Alongside the education pack, EGO is also holding a competition to give a primary school in the UK the opportunity to win £2,500* worth of EGO equipment to enable school caretakers and facilities managers to use less petrol when maintaining green spaces.

*T&Cs apply

Every half term a finalist from the Hero design entries will be chosen and the school will be sent £25 in National Book tokens to give to the pupil, and an overall winner will be selected on World Environment Day (5th June 2023) to have their Hero turned into a comic book character by an illustrator.

“Children are very vulnerable to poor air quality, which is why it is important that we educate the next generation on how air quality can be improved”

Emma Gayler continues: “Children are very vulnerable to poor air quality, which is why it is important that we educate the next generation on how air quality can be improved.

“Through this education pack, children can learn about such an important topic interactively so that they will be better equipped to make informed choices when they are older to help contribute to a safer future.”

Research conducted by EGO Power Plus’ Challenge 2025 campaign found that 89% of tools used by UK councils are petrol-powered, using over ½ million litres of fuel every year.

Challenge 2025 is EGO’s mission to see tighter legislation on two-stroke engines and greater adoption of battery-powered alternatives to encourage significant reductions in emissions and noise pollution.

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