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Accelerate progress and reduce workload with GCSEPod

GCSEPod is an educational platform offering subscribers unique, audio-visual teaching and learning resources.

Bringing together the key elements of content, assessment, and data, combining them with tracking and monitoring all on one platform, GCSEPod is proven to engage students, consolidate subject knowledge and accelerate progress while – crucially – reducing teacher workload.

As a company, we boast a wealth of expertise and share a commitment to developing quality teaching and learning content in a rapidly changing environment. 

In 2021 GCSEPod won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. It was a very proud moment for us to receive such recognition of our reputation in the education industry for unrivalled breadth and detail of content, service and support, accessibility and honesty. 

We are acknowledged even by our peers to be ‘the gold standard’.

Our commitment to accessibility goes beyond our content. We believe technologies should enhance learning for everyone and have incorporated accessibility into our site to ensure that it is user-friendly for all learners.

Our accessibility toolbar allows students to personalise their learning experience with dyslexia friendly fonts, reading guides and colour control.

Our ‘translate’ tool translates all the navigation and assessment on the site into one of 100 languages to support students for whom English isn’t a first language.

Evidence-based impact is at the heart of how we measure our company’s success in the market. In 2019 (the last exam-only measured iGCSE/GCSEs) on average, regular users of GCSEPod achieved one whole grade higher per subject than non-users.

GCSEPod is proud to boast a 4.8/5 rating on EdTech Impact and the feedback from our customers evidences the effect the product has on school life and learning.

The main functions of GCSEPod can be split into four areas: teach, assess, monitor, and engage.


GCSEPod has been called the ‘Netflix’ of GCSE content. Using scientifically proven learning techniques, our content engages students in a way that builds confidence and self-belief, encouraging them to work smarter, not harder.

GCSEPod’s learning content is created in-house in collaboration with subject experts and our expert team of digital designers.

GCSEPod’s learning content covers 28 GCSE and iGCSE subjects and is relevant to the main exam boards used internationally.

Learning is delivered to students in the form of ‘Pods’. Each Pod consists of 3-5 minutes of high-quality audio-visual learning.

Using two senses (sight and sound) in tandem (dual coding) is proven to help learners absorb, retain, and recall subject knowledge, and keeping our Pods short allows us to engage students without overwhelming them with too much information too quickly.

To view a pod click here.

Our library of Pods is currently 6,000+ strong, covering 28 subjects.

Schools can pre-select their choice of subject and exam specifications so that students see only relevant pre-created playlists, making it easy for users to organise their learning.

In addition, a range of ‘Study Smart’ Pods, covering interleaving, retrieval practice and spaced learning techniques help to support revision, skills and knowledge acquisition.

Students can either work through the content independently and at their own pace or their learning journey can be dictated by their teacher who can set assignments, recommend content and mark summative assessments online.


Check and Challenge is designed to be suitable for students of all abilities, with original questions covering a range of difficulties.

Students receive feedback on incorrect answers to help them see where they’ve gone wrong and they can view a hint to help them find the correct answer, which encourages struggling students not to just give up.

Check and Challenge also awards diamonds depending on how many attempts a student uses to find the correct answer. This helps to aid in motivation and build confidence, as learners can see progress and improvement as they earn more diamonds.

For teachers, the carefully crafted combination of questions, answers, hints and feedback provides a detailed overview of your learner’s strengths and weaknesses.

Each detractor (incorrect answer) is given an error tag, which means you can not only see where a student has gone wrong, but how they’ve gone wrong, what kind of errors they may be making and where they may be falling into common traps or misconceptions. 

Exam-Style Assignments offer an efficient and effective way for students to practise essential skills and test their subject knowledge.

Original, exam board-specific questions, all written by experts, are now available for more than 20 GCSE subjects.

Easy to set using our Ready-Made Assignments function and quick to mark, thanks to a partially-automated marking system backed up by clear marking support for every question, Exam-Style Assignments will save teachers valuable time.

  • 1,000+ exam-style assignments
  • Written by over 150 examiners and subject specialists
  • Covering 19 GCSE and international subjects
  • Created for six exam boards
  • Essential clear evidence of attainment and progression – your students get essential exam practice
  • Questions are original and exam board specific, like the real thing
  • Images, audio assets, text assets
  • Teacher wish list – self-marking questions, mark schemes for free text questions, answers hidden to avoid cheating
  • Indicative content
  • Set work in seconds – bespoke assignments
  • Ready-made, original assessments; fast, efficient marking; export results to Excel
We want to fulfil every teacher’s wish list, by making sure our papers can be set and marked in no time at all.

Every question is either self-marking or is equipped with a clear concise mark scheme, and these answers are hidden from student view, so cheating is never a worry.

Ready-Made Assignments are premium pre-built assignments ready for you to assign to your students in seconds.

Monitoring the progress of students is vital for any educator to identify areas of improvement and gaps in knowledge in their class or group.

Ready-Made Assignments are pocket-sized pop quizzes created by experienced subject specialists to check student understanding, succinctly.

With 1500+ pre-made assignments crafted to check a specific subject aspect, and tailored to both home and international exam boards, you’ll have homework sorted for students of any ability in mere seconds.

Our instant self-marking function also means that you’ll have access to student results as soon as they press submit.

As part of your subscription, you will also gain access to our premium question bank should you wish to craft your own subject, topic and exam-board specific assignment.

Knowledge checks have never been easier.

Monitor – GCSEPod enables usage review by user (teacher or student), group, individual and category (eg EAL). A wide range of bespoke reports can be automatically created, ready to share with colleagues or export into school management systems.

Engage – We offer a wide range of resources to raise awareness, train and encourage learners, students and parents to use GCSEPod effectively. Regularly updated, we provide everything from videos, handouts, presentations, quick start guides, digital signage and parent letters in a variety of languages.

We also have excellent CPD training and webinars for everyone. Click here to see available dates and times.

Book a personalised online demo to see how GCSEPod can support you school improvement plan, enhance teaching and learning and improve outcomes for students.

Free resources

We have bank of free resources for teachers, students and parents here.



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