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5 things to do… at Pierrepont Farm

CRT | Mosaic School Trips

Treat your pupils to a school trip with a difference by visiting a working dairy farm for an inspiring day of outdoor learning…

1. Embark on a dairy cow discovery session

Make friends with a Jersey herd in the cow barn and observe them being milked in a state-of-the-art robotic dairy. Take on the food-sort challenge to learn more about food origins and have a go at making butter.

2. Go on a woodland adventure

Become a tree detective and learn how to identify trees from their leaves and bark. Find out which animals call the woodland their home, and what they need to survive. Delve beneath the leaf litter and logs to hunt for minibeasts.

3. Become a pond explorer

Learn how to pond dip and discover the range of fascinating creatures that live in the wildlife pond. Use ID charts to identify and name these creatures and discover who sits at the top and bottom of the food chain.

4. Tailor your visit

Can’t decide which visit theme to choose? Mosaic School Trips has the perfect solution: its pick‘n’mix option allows teachers to combine learning sessions from two or more visit themes to create the perfect blend of learning for their pupils.

5. Let the farm take the lead

The farm’s teacher-trained education manager will be with you every step of the way during your visit. She’ll lead all three activity sessions, share her expert farming and wildlife knowledge and ensure you have a smooth and stress-free visit.

Good to know
  • There’s so much to learn at Pierrepont Farm: meet the cows in the robotic dairy, explore biodiversity in the woodlands and go pond dipping!

For more details, contact Mosaic School Trips on 07875 053371, email or visit


CRT | Mosaic School Trips
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