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5 Reasons to try… FFT Aspire

Discover how FFT Education is supporting teaching and learning and meeting the 2021 challenge for primary schools…

30-second briefing

A next generation range of products and services puts FFT Education at the forefront of educational data analysis. FFT matches powerful data with intelligent reporting within an easy-to-use integrated system, designed for schools and teachers. Make the most of next-day data, faster reporting, and more tools than ever to explore.

1 | Meeting the 2021 challenge

We know that Covid-19 has had a significant impact on children this past year, with pupils suffering learning loss and ongoing disruption to national tests.

FFT’s Aspire system reflects these challenging and changing circumstances with a brand new mix of services and products that aim to support senior leaders, teachers and children in 2021 and beyond.

Simple and easy to use, Aspire is an integrated data system that allows schools to track and estimate future progress, evaluate performance and school effectiveness, identify intervention needs, and monitor and analyse attendance.

2 | Tracking progress

The ability to track and monitor pupil progress has never been more important. Aspire includes two tracking systems in one—Curriculum Tracker and Assessment Tracker.

This means you can now analyse and track both summative assessment data and record formative assessment data in one place.

Uniquely, Aspire automatically converts test and TA data into a single ‘common currency’ – a DfE scaled score. So whether you’re using Rising Stars, PiXL, NfER, Renaissance, GL or any combination of assessments, you can now track and compare them all in Aspire.

3 | Tracking attendance

Attendance Tracker is FFT’s brand new attendance reporting system. Launched earlier this year, it provides schools with a simple and easy way to identify and monitor attendance issues (including the impact of Covid-19) for specific year groups, pupil groups and individual pupils.

Attendance Tracker automatically collects data from thousands of schools each week with no user overheads. This means that as well as tracking your own pupils’ attendance, you can also compare it to similar pupils across the whole country using live, up-to-date information.

4 | Evaluating performance

For 20 years, FFT has been providing high-quality data to support self-evaluation and target setting. However, without formal national testing for two years, schools have struggled to effectively measure ‘end of Key Stage’ attainment and progress.

This summer, FFT’s End of Key Stage Assessment Service will provide schools with a full analysis of their EYFS, KS1 and KS2 teacher assessments.

Schools can track progress against FFT estimates for all pupils, compare attainment against other schools nationally in 2021, and understand the impact of learning loss.

5 | Looking ahead

With a range of new services and features planned for autumn and beyond, we’re making Aspire even easier to use.

Automated data collections direct from schools will remove the need for manual imports and exports – saving you time, speeding up access to reports, and maximising the potential of your data.

A key part of this is you – the FFT community. We believe that by harnessing the power of data from thousands of FFT Aspire schools, we can significantly improve the life chances of children across the whole country.

Key points

  • Our services benefit from a live connection to your school MIS, ensuring your school, class, and pupil information is always up-to-date.
  • Attendance analysis at school, pupil group, and individual pupil level against other schools nationally, with brand new reports every week.
  • Identify learning gaps with brand new features and services to help understand learning loss and meet the changing needs of schools in 2021.
  • We’re working with third party providers to keep all of your data connected. That means less importing and exporting and more time acting on data.

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