This CPD has been developed by teachers, for teachers, produced in collaboration with headteachers and teachers from three Liverpool schools, each on their own restorative journey: Abbot’s Lea Special School, Holy Family Catholic Primary School and the Academy of St Nicholas, with guidance and extra downloadable resources from each school.

The course includes learning and insights from our collaboration with Liverpool schools since 2015, including videos that show teachers putting restorative practice to use in the classroom.

Flexible access to the course means that staff can engage with the CPD at times that suit their own timetables.

‘Restorative Practice and the Return to School’ includes 1.5 hours of interactive learning, including insights, videos, quizzes and downloadable resources for immediate use in the classroom and staffroom.

There’s ongoing support with our team for staff who want support putting the learning to good use, via e-mail, telephone and video call.

Restorative Thinking is a partner organisation with the Anti-Bullying Alliance and it works collaboratively to increase the knowledge base of restorative practice as an anti-bullying strategy.

This e-Learning CPD presents a number of strategies and suggested classroom practices that will help schools to proactively prevent bullying from taking place, using specific circle processes, including advice on how to introduce circle time in a SEN classroom, and restorative enquiry, with advice and adaptations for SEND.

In June 2020, the Department of Education at the University of Oxford published a research report, ‘School Exclusion Risks after COVID-19’.

This report recommends that schools “… consider alternatives such as adopting restorative practices,” (p5) and that “…mental health and wellbeing should be seen to be everyone’s business with all practitioners viewing this as part of their core work for their students and for one another” (p8).

Feedback from schools is overwhelmingly positive, with 93.59% of teachers rating the e-Learning CPD as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’:

“I really enjoyed the practical guidance, the scripts and videos of sessions in place from other schools and the access to useful resources to support my future practice.”

“A positive learning experience and excellent resources; facilitating safe and meaningful conversations around building trust, relationships, empathy, understanding and resolving conflict.”

“It’s a useful and easy way to understand what restorative practice is about, and to learn how to use it.”

“This is the go-to course; practical and full of helpful advice and techniques!”

In brief

This interactive e-Learning CPD course is an introduction to restorative practice (RP), for teachers of all Key Stages, SLT, Governors and ancillary teaching staff, with a focus on how RP can support the transition back to school, with a focus on:

  • Allowing staff, students and parents to process what’s happened/is happening following a period of absence from school
  • Drawing on restorative practice to support positive mental health over the coming weeks and months

Why should schools try it?

  • This e-Learning CPD is a quick-and-easy introduction to restorative practice for all staff, with resources from schools and teachers to use right away
  • All of the materials are developed by award-winning teachers and funded collaborators to ensure the highest quality resources
  • Your school can sign up for immediate access to this course today, with unlimited use for all staff for one year. Just email:
  • “I liked the input from different schools, sharing helpful resources and insights into how Restorative Practice and Thinking can be embedded in everyday practice.”