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5 reasons to try… Oxford Revise Sciences

Oxford University Press

Developed to support all students to succeed at AQA GCSE Sciences, OCR A and AQA A level sciences, Oxford Revise is a game-changer in the revision market and offers much more than a typical science revision guide…

1 | Research-driven support

Thanks to ongoing research, there is a much better understanding about metacognitive strategies and the best ways to prepare for exams.

The Oxford Revise author team brings together leading cognitive science and revision teachers, and is led by student-favourite, Primrose Kitten.

With their collective in-depth knowledge and understanding of classroom practice, the GCSE and A Level author teams have embedded learning strategies within the context of the content.

2 | The three-step approach

Each topic is handled using the same three-step approach: knowledge, retrieval, and practice. This simple repeated structure secures knowledge and consolidates essential skills.

So how does it work? Knowledge organisers condense the required content and make clear links and connections across topics.

Retrieval and interleaving questions encourage students to regularly test themselves and refine their retention of that essential knowledge.

The final step of the process is to put their gained knowledge into practice using the wide range of differentiated exam-style questions.

3 | Creating independent learners

One of the results of students becoming familiar with this repeated structure and knowing what to expect when starting a new topic is that they can concentrate more fully on the content that they need to learn.

With familiarity comes increased confidence in their ability to approach new contexts and assessments and motivation to continue studying.

At all stages, they are in control of their learning; successes are easy to see and any gaps are quickly identified and can be addressed.

Worked examples demonstrate how to apply the knowledge and skills required and encourage students to try and succeed themselves.

4 | SLOP (Shed Loads of Practice)

The final step is for students to practise and these opportunities are not in short supply within each Oxford Revise guide. There are 100s of practice questions, with additional hints and tips from Primrose Kitten.

As some students also require additional support with the maths requirements of the specifications, clear Maths Skills activities are also included throughout with worked examples and practice questions.

5 | Ease transition and progression

For some learners, the amount of content that is covered within the GCSE and A Level specifications can feel very overwhelming.

From the content through to the design of each page, great care has been taken to ease cognitive load.

Oxford Revise guides break down each topic and present the required knowledge and skills into easily accessible chunks, making them some of the easiest-to-use guides for students to prepare effectively and progress smoothly to the next stage of learning.

What’s more?

  • Based on principles of cognitive science, this evidence-based approach has been developed with leading #cogscisci members and Primrose Kitten
  • You can explore all of the research that formed the Oxford Revision Project and find out more about the authors, at
  • Full AQA GCSE, OCR A, and AQA A level specification support in convenient all-in-one books that provide support for all levels of attainment
  • For GCSE science revision on the go, students can use the Oxford Revise app packed with multiple-choice retrieval questions

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Oxford University Press

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