Discover an innovative maths booster programme that can help every student hit their target grade…

Nulogic specialises in five-day intensive maths booster programmes with guaranteed progress. The content delivered is at a grade 4/5. With a high staff-to-student ratio, no learner is left behind; the team expertly engages learners, instilling confidence.

1 | Guaranteed progress

Nulogic understands that budgets are tight, and every expense made by a school has to be justified. That’s why the company has no hesitation in offering a money back guarantee with its maths booster programme.

In other words, if students don’t hit originally agreed levels of progress over the course of the five days, you get your money back for each and every student who misses their target.

Helping learners meet their desired grade is Nulogic’s passion, and the team strongly believe their programme will make that difference.

2 | All topics covered

One of the most favoured features of Nulogic’s programmes by learners is the fact they move at a quick pace, covering all topics at a grade 4/5 over the five days.

This ensures engagement remains high, and confidence is built as students experience rapid progress.

Nulogic builds upon the work you’ve already done with your learners but by covering all topics at this level, no stone is left unturned, meaning progress can be made right across the subject.

Learners start and end each day with the same mini booster test, allowing daily progress to be tracked.

3 | Innovate your curriculum

Learners can often get stuck in a rut with maths, or perhaps lose the will to push themselves to achieve, especially if they have come to believe that they don’t have the same ability as their peers.

The impact of Nulogic’s energetic and passionate team coming into your school to work with your learners can be huge.

Nulogic’s faces will be new to the learners and this alone can help to re-engage learners back into maths. Nulogic’s unique classroom dynamic provides varied learning which helps enjoyment and engagement of the subject.

4 | Wider impact

For students to succeed in maths, they need to think of themselves as capable mathematicians. Nulogic works tirelessly with the aim of igniting real confidence and self-belief amongst learners.

At whatever stage Nulogic is introduced into a school – perhaps before mock exams, for example, or in the period between mocks and the actual exams – the programme instils an element of self-belief into learners, which is something that has been proven to have a significant impact not only in maths, but for other subjects, as well as positively affecting young people’s general wellbeing.

This developed confidence can often make a real difference when it comes to achieving their target grades at such a crucial time in their schooling career.

5 | Maths made fun

Nulogic prides itself on offering a high staff to learner ratio, making sure that not a single learner is left behind. Every session is full of energy, positive reinforcement and fun.

As a result of this approach, Nulogic’s learners look forward to the next day and take great care over their revision booklet – which, by the end of the programme, doubles up as excellent revision material that students can use alongside their usual resources.

All learners thrive in Nulogic’s classroom and by the end of the programme, learners are astounded at how much they have achieved in such a short space of time.

What schools say

“Through the energy and expertise of the team, our students have excelled on Nulogic’s courses, and as a result the outcomes continue to be excellent.”

“As a team they are superb at engaging and motivating learners to achieve the highest grades possible.”

“In terms of impact, it’s impressive. We had 100% attendance over Easter. 95% of students achieved their target grade of 4/5 in the summer!”

“We would thoroughly recommend Nulogic to other academies looking to enhance their curriculum or develop their intervention programmes.”

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