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PrimaryHealth & Wellbeing

5 reasons to try… Cloud9UK


Discover a resource that is helping to create a stronger, more resilient future generation…

30 Second Briefing

Cloud9UK is an integrated social-emotional and mental health solution aimed at EYFS through to KS4, focusing on student well-being to improve class engagement. With easy implementation, the resources provided through the online platform cover all your PSHE topics to enhance student well-being, behaviours, and life outcomes for the whole school.

1. Utilising character strengths to empower children

Cloud9UK covers the critical needs of students, staff, and families to move schools towards positive wellbeing. It achieves this by helping them to understand core emotions and character strengths, and discover underlying behavioural issues.

2. Providing educational solutions for SEL and academic learning

Suitable for EYFS through to KS4, the platform helps to improve your students’ social-emotional mental health and wellbeing with easily implemented reading, writing, listening and speaking activities.

The online platform is accessible to staff, students and parents, and includes well-structured, cross-curricular lesson plans. Cloud9UK also offers extensive, customised support and training throughout the licence.

3. Primary solutions

Designed with EYFS, KS1 and KS2 in mind, Cloud9UK helps to build on students’ social-emotional skills through character strength development and emotional wellness, empowering them to increase their self-awareness, develop relationship skills and make responsible decisions. 

“We were looking for a social-emotional learning programme because of Covid’s effect on children’s wellbeing and the gaps it created in their social development. 

“Cloud9UK was timetabled in PSHE lessons once a week. The resource has enabled the children to express their emotions and explain why they feel the way they do.” 

EYFS teacher, Ponteland Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

4. Secondary solutions

Cloud9UK can also help to prepare KS3 and KS4 students for success by building core character strengths and developing soft skills. Schools can empower students to self-manage, make accurate perceptions of the needs of others, and build strong relationships.

5. Providing the tools to help embrace positive mental health

The resources have been designed to develop students’ skills to improve mental health using concrete strategies to approach serious challenges and build self-awareness. They are easily accessed by teachers, students and parents when needed.

Need to know
  • The eLearning Platform includes a friendly interface and houses digital books, curriculum ideas, lesson plans, assessments, videos, games, interactive teacher tools and intervention tools.
  • SEL implementation, including the tools used to reinforce skills, can be accessed by families at home, helping to build community engagement.
  • Engaging activities and interactive support pieces (flashcards, sequencing cards, digital games, printable activities, puzzles, etc.) reinforce social-emotional skill applications at school and at home.
  • Provides additional literacy practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening in cross-curriculum activities to help students improve vocabulary, general comprehension and research skills.

Book your free demo with a member of the Cloud9UK team and see for yourself the profound impact its solutions have on students as they develop character strengths and embrace mental wellness. 


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