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5 reasons to try… askOLA

30 Second Briefing

askOLA is a whole-school, on-demand learning and wellbeing support system providing next generation tutoring for students age 10–18. It’s available to support with English, maths, science, essay writing and mental wellbeing 12 hours a day, seven days per week for just £1.50 per pupil per month. 

Our student-centred platform combined with our ‘whole child’ approach also addresses the wellbeing needs of students through expert, professional intervention and support from Kooth. 

1. On-demand support

Our Online Learning Assistants (OLAs) are available to support from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week. Students can ask unlimited questions on-demand, at a time that suits them best – whether it’s in class, at lunchtime, during homework club, or in the evening when they can’t quite remember the day’s algebra lesson.

Teachers can access a dashboard to see what support has been provided outside of school hours to provide actionable insights. Learn more here

2. 90% cheaper than the NTP

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is failing to reach those who need it most. askOLA can provide reliable, on-demand support to all students at 10% of the cost of the NTP (find out more about that here).

askOLA provides an on-demand service and ensures that students are ready to learn, increasing levels of attainment as well as supporting the ‘whole child’. On average, pupils use askOLA for over two hours per month for wellbeing and academic support for a fixed cost of £1.50 per pupil. 

3. Subject specialists

Our OLAs are all qualified subject specialists. They are carefully selected and fully vetted tutors, teachers and therapists, available to support with English, maths, science, essay writing and wellbeing.

Students simply log in and tell us what help they need and are then allocated a subject expert or signposted to Kooth. In either outcome, students are able to talk through their problem via the live chat/smart board.

We always stay with the student as long as we are needed. 

“Our Online Learning Assistants are carefully selected and fully vetted tutors, teachers and therapists.”

4. Wellbeing

We believe that access to anonymous, unrestricted, and immediate wellbeing support should be available for everyone.

Through our partnership with Kooth, we allow access to wellbeing support for students as well as all school staff. This may include use of the Kooth community hub or, if needed, access to trained therapists via live chat (typically within 30 minutes).

5. No long-term commitment

With a rolling 90-day contract, schools can access a wealth of specialist knowledge and mental wellbeing support without any long-term commitment. We want to add capacity, not complexity, and in order to support as many students as possible we aim to provide affordable, flexible contracts to suit all settings.

Our pricing starts at just £1.50 per month per pupil and on average this buys over two hours of support for students, which is 90% cheaper than the NTP, even after DfE subsidies.

Need to know
  • On-demand and unlimited academic support for students age 10–18 
  • From just £1.50 per pupil per month on a rolling 90-day contract 
  • Available from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week 
  • On-demand, expert mental wellbeing support for students, plus all school staff

Want to try askOLA today? Book a demo here or visit to find out more.


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