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30 Second Briefing

After 20 years of manufacturing products specifically designed for the education sector, LapSafe® has grown to be an industry leader in charging solutions for devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets in volume. 

Their close ties to the education sector have helped fuel their mission to help bridge the digital divide... 

What will fixing the digital divide do for the next generation?  

1. Increase access to educational resources

Digital technologies provide access to a wealth of educational resources. Online textbooks, educational apps, and digital teaching tools are increasingly being used to enrich learning experiences.

The freedom that students gain when using technology introduces creative workflows, encouraging engaging experiences. When students are engaged, they are likely to understand and retain more information.  

2. Improve digital literacy

Digital literacy is the understanding of how to navigate, interpret, and efficiently use technology. As the use of technology in everyday life increases, it is important that we are preparing the next generation today. 

It has been reported that 75% of jobs will require advanced digital skills by 2030; by providing students with technology we introduces them to skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.  

As technology is increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives, digital literacy becomes ever more necessary for success in the workforce, education, and day-to-day life.

3. Teach life skills  

Having access to digital resources unlocks a list of benefits to learning experiences.

Using technology gives students increased access to a range of information sources, perspectives, and contradicting views online. They will need to analyse their findings and critically evaluate what is most useful for them and their studies. These skills will be valuable to learners in various walks of life in the future.  

With the flexibility of learning environments that technology provides, there is an opportunity for students to work together on group projects virtually. These projects are a great opportunity for participants to acquire key life skills such as communication, teamwork, and time management.

“Developing digital skills early on gives students a strong foundation for their future.”

4. Deliver equality in education

Offering equality in education means that all learners should have equal access to educational opportunities regardless of their background.  

Providing a pool of digital devices ensures every student has the same educational chances. Therefore, it is important for every school, college, and university to set up a device loaning system to give less advantaged students opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get. 

5. Offer new opportunities

Across the world, technology has created new economic and social opportunities. Remote working, self-directed learning, and new industries are opening up; therefore, we should be preparing students for an ever-evolving digital landscape.  

Need to know
  • Teaching using digital devices is growing in popularity and enhances classroom experiences. 
  • Developing digital skills early on gives students a strong foundation for their future. 
  • Promoting digital equality ensures all students have the best start. 
  • Using a reliable solution to manage mobile devices streamlines access in the classroom. 

The introduction of Smart Lockers into the education sector, whether it be a school, college or university, is a great way of ensuring all students have access to technology at a time that suits them. It’s also a great way of improving students’ experiences whilst saving time, space, and money. 

LapSafe® have been working with the education sector to help bridge the digital divide with their range of storage and charging solutions for over 20 years. Their Smart Lockers are now being used by over 70% of UK universities, with schools and colleges following closely behind. LapSafe® specialise in providing innovative charging solutions with a focus on quality, convenience, and ease of use. 

To start your journey towards fixing the digital divide by automating your manual loan process, visit to view their many case studies.   



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