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What Can I Teach Using LEGO Education Resources?

LEGO can be used in primary classrooms in myriad ways – here are a few illustrative examples...

  • What Can I Teach Using LEGO Education Resources?

From core subject lessons to after-school clubs, LEGO Education has it covered in terms of topics and subjects. Just take a look at the following…

Maths at Key Stage 1

LEGO Education’s maths resources can assist teachers with creating inspiring lessons that foster teamwork and effective problem-solving skills. The ways in which your pupils can benefit include:

• Gaining a better understanding of the processes involved in mathematical problem-solving – namely reasoning, perseverance, precision, application of knowledge, and representation.

• Having mathematical concepts reinforced via a series of engaging practical activities in the areas of numeracy, algebraic thinking, measuring, data analysis, geometry, and spatial awareness.

Literacy at at Key Stages 1 and 2

Our literacy resources are meanwhile aimed at developing children’s interest in writing and storytelling, while providing them with a stimulating and memorable approach to learning that helps to improve the following:

• Writing, language, and reading comprehension abilities, by encouraging them to compose new stories of their own and analyse existing examples

• Pupils’ aptitude at speaking and listening – as well as their ability to and present concepts and ideas to others, in the course of sharing their story creations

• Pupils’ willingness and ability to co-operate and collaborate in both pairs and groups

Computing at Key Stage 2

With WeDo 2.0, you can supercharge your science lessons while at the same delivering the computing curriculum in a uniquely compelling way based on the LEGO brick.

Teachers using WeDo 2.0 are well supported with with a range training opportunities, curriculum resources and assessment tools. Computing topics covered in WeDo 2.0 include:

• Basic programming skills

• Investigating, building and designing solutions in response to specific design briefs

• The value of collaboration and being able to present your ideas clearly

• Critical thinking and problem-solving.



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