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True Or False? – Separating Science Fiction From Science Fact

How LEGO EV3 kits can be proved to test the veracity of scientific statements...

  • True Or False? – Separating Science Fiction From Science Fact

EV3 kits are about more than just programming. Here’s how you can use them in a science lesson to test whether the following statements are grounded in reality or mere myths…

True or False?

A pencil can draw a 35 mile long line

A piece of bread always lands butter side down

A small object dropped by one person cannot be caught by another

Why not bust other myths in your classroom?

• Do cats really always fall back on their feet?
• Does travelling in an elevator really change our weight

Do you want guided projects to teach science with EV3?

Simply complement your existing or new EV3 Getting Started sets with the Add-On Science Set, which consists of:

• 14 physical science experiments on energy, heat and temperature, force and motion, and light
• Pupils’ worksheets
• Teacher notes
• Temperature sensors
• Renewable energy sets

The EV3 Add-On Set is available for purchase here, priced from £219.99 (ex. VAT)

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