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Topical Tuesdays – Free weekly news stories and teaching resources from The Week Junior

Grab your free weekly teaching resources for primary courtesy of The Week Junior…

by Teachwire
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Join in with Topical Tuesdays and get fascinating news stories with free teaching activities every week.

All of the news is hand-picked from the excellent current affairs magazine for children, The Week Junior, and the creative resources that go with this are written by experienced teachers.

We’ve made it so the activities can be used for 10-minute writing warm ups and for homework, but you’ll find plenty of ways to extend each Topical Tuesday into much bigger projects – should they capture the imagination of your class.

If your class is excited by the current affairs stories in Topical Tuesdays then you can build on this thirst for knowledge with a school subscription to The Week Junior.

Click here to discover the latest offers and to see how children can be inspired by world events.

In the meantime, check back here each week to find the latest free news story and classroom activities to download.

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