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The Ultimate NQT Toolkit – 11 Great Pieces of Advice Every New Teacher Needs

Starting as a newly qualified teacher this September? Then we've got everything you need here, from behaviour management to surviving school trips, to make sure you're prepared and ready to succeed...

  • The Ultimate NQT Toolkit – 11 Great Pieces of Advice Every New Teacher Needs

1 | Finding your first teaching job

Avoid getting wrapped up in the competition for NQT positions and focus on finding the right job for you.

Here, Rebecca Matthews talks you through finding the right school, what to do once you’ve seen a vacancy, how to prepare for the interview.

Read her advice here.

2 | Make a good first impression with colleagues

Once you’re in school you’ll want to make a good mark on your fellow teachers, and here the ATL shows you how, serving up advice on building good relationships and making a success of your new job

Give it a look here.

3 | Nine video tips on getting behaviour management right from day one

A big worry for all teachers on the first day of the school year is what kind of class you’re going to get. And for new teachers that can be the number one concern.

Thankfully, Sue Cowley has plenty of experience in behaviour management, and has shared that knowledge so you can set your classroom expectations right away, and maintain them for the whole school year.

You can read her advice on keeping your classroom in order from the start, here.

Or check out her nine short behaviour management video tips here.

4 | 10 Tips for NQTs from Teacher Toolkit

If you don’t already know who Ross Morrison McGill is, you really should already. The man behind Teacher Toolkit is definitely someone to follow.

So, if you’re looking at your first year flying solo in the classroom, his advice should help keep you on course.

Check out the full list here.

5 | NQT diaries

Of course, every teacher was an NQT at some point, so it’s well worth reading the experiences of those who have been in your shoes recently.

In this post, we rounded up some great blogs that document the highs and lows of the first year in the classroom.

You can find them all here.

6 | How schools can get the best out of you

Fear not, it’s not all on you to find your own way, schools will want to get the best out of you and should do all they can to help you.

Here, award-winning headteacher Kevin Harcombe explains why schools should show the way with newly qualified teachers, and what you can expect from good schools.

Read his advice here.

7 | What to look for in a great NQT mentor

Similarly, this piece from Sophie Bartlett will give you an idea of the sort of things a great NQT mentor can offer, as she explains that hers kept her from quitting the profession (and gave her biscuits).

Check out her story here.

8 | Surviving your first lesson observation

Lesson observations: you can’t hide from them, so Steph Caswell is here to show you how to tackle them successfully.

Read the full article here.

9 | Your first school trip

More firsts (there’ll be plenty of them this year), but this time it’s residentials.

You needn’t let your first outing with students be ruined by fears of potential disaster, the ATL is here to help you take the right precautions.

Cover all the dos and don’ts here.

10 | Your first parents’ evening

Next up, it’s the parents. You’ll meet them sooner or later, so if you’re nervous about your first parents’ evening, Hazel Bennett’s advice can help you avoid confrontation and build a relationship that benefits all parties.

Click here to see what she has to say.

11 | Tips for NQTs and RQTs

Despite the hardships, teaching really can and should be the best job in the world, says Crista Hazell, and hopefully these tips can help new and recently qualified educators see that.

Read the full list of 10 tips here.

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