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Teaching Resources For World Book Day 2017’s £1 Titles

From Horrid Henry to Where's Wally? via Peppa Pig and some monster underpants, these activities will have you covered

  • Teaching Resources For World Book Day 2017’s £1 Titles

With this year’s list of £1 books being released recently, it pays to have some teaching resources to hand for each title in your age group.

So we’ve got them all to hand here for you, just click on the links and you’re there.

Peppa Pig

For younger learners this activity sheet contains the dot-to-dot you can see above (don’t spoil it for us, we’re having a few difficulties finishing it), as well as colouring in, drawing and making your own party hat.

Everyone Loves Underpants

Design your own monster pants. Yes, you heard us right. Do it. There’s also a monster mask, a pirate’s hat and eye-patch, and a dinosaur to colour in. Grab it all here.

Princess Mirror-Belle

Give yourself a royal makeover with this self-portrait activity where you get to draw yourself in the mirror, and then draw your princess self too. There’s also a word search and spot the difference to enjoy.

Where’s Wally?

If you thought finding Wally, Wenda, Woof and Wizard Whitebeard was hard enough, try doing it before they’ve been coloured in. This may be the equivalent of one of those Impossipuzzles, but this colouring sheet activity will keep enough people entertained as can fit around the printout.

For an easier task, this activity sheet lets you colour in Wally on his own, plus there’s a word search, crossword and more.

Horrid Henry

On the scale of good Henrys to bad ones, beloved prankster Horrid Henry is probably the antithesis of the little vacuum cleaner guy, but he’s no less popular.

So this spot the difference, colouring in, word search and spaghetti maze are all sure to go down a treat with kids.

Butterfly Beach

More arty fun here for Jacqueline Wilson’s novel. There’ colouring in, a guide to drawing the characters, and crafting with loom bands where you make a caterpillar, and then a butterfly ring.

For a bit of fun, try the quiz to see which of the triplets you are. Teachwire is apparently a Tina.

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