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Teach Primary and Teach Secondary Awards 2022 winners announced

Teach Awards 2022 winners

Find out who our expert panel of judges picked as winners and highly commended in every category this year….

by Teachwire
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With so many providers offering so many different resource options, sifting through and finding the best can be a time-consuming exercise.

That’s where our annual Teach Awards come in.

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Each year, we issue an open invitation for companies and organisations to submit their education resources for analysis by a team of expert judges, to identify those most worthy of schools’ time and attention.

The awards this year spanned 18 categories across primary and secondary, with entries judged according to the following criteria:

  • Does the resource meet a genuine need?
  • What impact is it likely to have?
  • How easy is the resource to implement and use?
  • Can the resource be adapted for use in different settings?
  • Does it represent good value for money?

You can find the full list of this year’s winners below, and see the full shortlist of resources here.

Don’t forget to also take a look at the Teach Early Years Awards 2022 winners.

Teach Primary Awards 2022 winners

We’re delighted to announce the winners for the Teach Primary Awards 2022 – scroll down to take a look at all the categories.


Winner: Evidence Me (2 Simple) 

Highly commended 

Out of the Ark Music (Sparkyard)

now>press>play (now>press>play) 


Winner: The Power of Pictures training programme (CLPE) 

Highly commended  

Teacher-targeted Bullying training course (INEQE Safeguarding Group 

Discovery Education Pathway (Discovery Education) 


Winner: The Literacy Curriculum (The Literacy Tree) 

Highly commended    

Reading Rocks book subscription (Reading Rocks) 

SPaG Monsters (Young Writers) 


Winner: Connect to Curriculum (Literacy Counts) 

Highly commended

Kitt the Learning Companion (TTS Group) 

Video2Teach premium plus (Primary Languages Network) 


Winner: PetWise Award (PDSA) 

Highly commended  

Fiver Challenge (Young Enterprise)

The Link Magazine (SL Media)  


Winner: DoodleMaths (DoodleLearning) 

Highly commended

Numberblocks Maths Manipulatives (Learning Resources)

SMASH Maths (SMASH Maths) 


Winner: Musical Futures Online (Musical Futures) 

Highly commended


ROH Learning Platform (Royal Opera House) 


Winner: C Pen Reader 2 (Scanning Pens) 

Highly commended  

SNAP (Rising Stars Assessment) 

Ready to Progress Interventions (Mathematics Mastery) 


Winner: Encounter Edu Live Lessons (Encounter Edu) 

Highly commended

How Life on Earth Began (Thames & Hudson)

Saving the Planet One Science Lesson at a Time (Millgate Publishing) 


Winner: Jigsaw PSHE (Jigsaw PSHE) 

Highly commended

Grassing or Grooming? (Ariel Trust Ltd) 

Satchel Pulse (Satchel) 

Teach Secondary Awards 2022 winners

Take a look at all the winning resources in this year’s Teach Secondary Awards – scroll down to view all the categories.


Winner: Let’s Talk About Empire and Conflict: CPD for Teachers (Imperial War Museums) 

Highly commended

Sustained Professional Development (The Royal Society of Chemistry) 

Secondary CPD Pack: Disciplinary literacy (The Geographical Association) 

Hybrid learning

Winner: (NetSupport) 

Highly commended


Radix TeacherView (Radix) 

Curriculum impact

Winner: Black British History KS3 Teacher Resource Pack (Collins)

Highly commended

Level 1/Level 2 Cambridge National suite of resources (Hodder Education)

Musical Futures Online (Musical Futures)


Winner: FlashAcademy (FlashAcademy) 

Highly commended

Safer Schools NI App (INEQE Safeguarding Group) 

National Online Safety App (National Online Safety) 

Free resource

Winner: Home and Teach Learning Hub (INEQE Safeguarding Group) 

Highly commended

39 Ways to Save the Planet (The Royal Geographical Society with IBG) 

BBC Shakespeare Archive Resource (Educational Recording Agency) 

Health and wellbeing

Winner: Contextual Safeguarding Tool (The Student Voice) 

Highly commended

Staff Wellbeing and Self-care in Schools (Teachappy Ltd) 

10 Minutes to Better Mental Health (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)


Winner: Star Assessments (Renaissance) 

Highly commended

SAM Learning (SAM Learning)

EDClass (EDClass Ltd) 


Winner: Picturepath (Picturepath) 

Highly commended

GCSE Maths for Neurodivergent Learners (Jessica Kingsley Publishers)

SNAP (RS Assessment from Hodder Education) 

If you have any queries about this year’s Teach Awards, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Teach Primary editor: Charley Rogers / Teach Primary advertising manager: Samantha Law

Teach Secondary editor: Callum Fauser / Teach Secondary advertising manager: Ria Bentham

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