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Middlesex University Launches New Toolkit Aimed At Helping Migrant Parents

Downloadable guide seeks to explain the workings of the English school system for migrant parents and practitioners

  • Middlesex University Launches New Toolkit Aimed At Helping Migrant Parents

Academics at Middlesex University have developed a downloadable toolkit that aims to help newly arrived migrant parents better understand the English school system.

Titled ‘Schooling in England – A Toolkit For Migrant Parents and Practitioners’, the toolkit comprises a 58-page PDF file and can be download for free from here.

As well as describing the overall schooling system employed in England and including detailed guides to the organisation of both primary and secondary schools, the toolkit also contains information and advice regarding racist bullying and discrimination, schools’ RE and SRE policies and how obtain EAL and SEN support.

According to the toolkit’s lead author, Professor Louise Ryan, “UK parents often find it very stressful finding school places for their children so for migrant families, whose first language is not English, the experience can be very daunting.

“It’s essential that all children settle into school as seamlessly as possible so we hope that our guide will help migrant parents adapt to a new life and get the best start for their children.”

Further information about the education toolkit for migrant parents can be found at the Middlesex Minds blog

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