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LEGO Education Launches Free EAL Resources

Cross-curriculum activities aim to develop language skills and cultural knowledge of KS1/KS2 learners with English as an additional language

  • LEGO Education Launches Free EAL Resources

A set of five free activities, aimed at building language skills among learners with English as an Additional Language (EAL), are currently being offered to schools by LEGO Education.

The activities are derived from the company’s StoryStarter KS1/KS2 literacy resource, in that they seek to seek to develop pupils’ language and literacy competencies through hands-on learning, while also boosting their ability to communicate and levels of cultural knowledge.

The new EAL learning resources are based on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR level A2), are designed for cross-curriculum use and can be extended to focus on particular areas, such as vocabulary and writing skills.

According to LEGO Education marketing manager, Jessica Clifton, “Most schools support children from all over the world with EAL. Over recent months, the need for more teachers to receive help with engaging these children into the learning environment and supporting their developmental needs, has become increasingly important. The activities are an ideal resource for enabling all second language pupils to integrate into a new country and classroom, and they support teachers who are facilitating that.”

The full activity pack can be downloaded from here; for more information, follow @LEGOeducationUK

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