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Host Your Own Roald Dahl Day Assembly – With Free Resources to Download

Inspired by James and the Giant Peach, kick off your celebrations by looking at teamwork and talents...

  • Host Your Own Roald Dahl Day Assembly – With Free Resources to Download

If you need a way to inject some whizz, pop and bang into your Roald Dahl Day celebrations, this assembly idea could be just what you’re looking for.

The theme for the assembly is teamwork, although it could be easily adapted to focus on friendship or perseverance instead.

It is based around James and the Giant Peach, so it will help to maximise its impact if the children are already familiar with the story.

If you want a teacher’s script to follow, download one, along with all our other resources for this assembly, at teachwire.net/teaching-resources/roald-dahl-day-assembly

You will need

  • Fun facts PowerPoint
  • Guess my character PowerPoint
  • Mini play script
  • Cut-out paper peaches

Download all of these for free from teachwire.net/teaching-resources/roald-dahl-day-assembly.

Start here

As the children come into assembly, run the Roald Dahl fun facts PowerPoint on a loop to set the scene. Create a positive atmosphere by playing some appropriate, upbeat music.

Everything is Awesome from the Lego Movie would work really well if you’re following the teamwork theme.

Once you’ve welcomed everyone, begin by reminding children that in James and the Giant Peach, James goes inside a giant peach and makes friends with seven different insects.

Next, play a ‘guess my character’ game with the children. Invite eight children up to read the following character descriptions (display the ‘Guess my character’ Powerpoint).

  • I am green. I am very wise and love music. (Old-Green-Grasshopper)
  • I am quiet but I provide light for James. I hang upside down from the ceiling. I like to sleep. (Glow-worm)
  • I am very kind. I have nine spots on my wings and 400 children. (Ladybird)
  • I am very helpful. I catch flies in my web. I have eight legs. (Miss Spider)
  • I am often gloomy but I am very good at digging. (Earthworm)
  • I enjoy jokes and songs. I have 42 legs. (Centipede)
  • I am quiet. I once sewed the Queen of England’s wedding dress. (Silkworm)
  • I have two horrible aunts. A mysterious man gave me a magical gift. (James)

Split the group in half and play in two teams, asking the children to guess which character is being described.

Introduce the theme

Now introduce the assembly’s main theme: teamwork.

Refer back to James, the final character in the guessing game, and tell the children that we’re going to look at how the characters in the story of James and the Giant Peach used their different gifts and talents to work as a team to achieve their goal.

Can we remember what they needed to do in the story? What was the problem they had to solve? Recap on the plot briefly to make sure the children are familiar with it.

Explore the story

Explain that the children are now going to watch a short play featuring the part of the story where the characters try to attract the attention of the seagulls.

Ask some pre-primed teachers (in appropriate costumes if possible) to come up and perform for the other children to add some real pizzazz to proceedings, using the downloadable script. Ask pupils to look out for the different ways in which James and the insects help each other.

After they’ve watched the scene, invite feedback from the children about how the different characters used their talents to help each other. If you need to make this slightly easier, assign a character to a particular class or year group to focus on before they start watching.

At this point, you’ll probably want to stop and sing a song. Here’s some perfect suggestions:

  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Together by Mark and Helen Johnson (from Out of the Ark Music)
  • Build It High by Suzy Davies (from Sing Up)
  • Count On Me by Bruno Mars (there’s a version on Sing Up if you are a member)

Make it meaningful

Once the song has concluded, explain to the children that we’re going to think about some of the gifts and talents people in this school have.

Tell the children that you’re now going to play another guessing game, but this time with some people they might recognise.

Give the children clues to identify some of the teachers in the school, using things they are known for being good at (eg sport, singing, cooking, welcoming people into school with a smile).

Can the children guess who they are? How do these talents contribute to making our school a good place?

Now ask the children to think about what they are good at or what is special about their personality – are they great at making others laugh or a whizz at making yummy cakes? How might they use their gifts to help others?

To help children respond to the assembly, set up an interactive display in the hall in the shape of a peach tree. Download and cut out some peach shapes that the children can write their gifts or talents on, then add them to the display throughout the day.

Finish the assembly with a moment of reflection about how we can use our talents to help others.

Party time!

Find even more fantastic ways to celebrate Roald Dahl Day 2018 by downloading the party pack from roalddahl.com.

Abby King has worked in KS1 and 2 and currently teaches at an inner-city primary school in Birmingham. Find her at medium.com/abby-king-writes and follow her on Twitter at @abbykingwrites.

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