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Get 99 Free Primary Lesson Plans In 99 Days On Teachwire

New school year, new school you, with these KS1 and KS2 lesson ideas from experts in education

  • Get 99 Free Primary Lesson Plans In 99 Days On Teachwire

It’s back to school day!

Some of you will have arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed, others having dragged themselves into the classroom you feel like you only left yesterday. But whatever your mindset, the world of education goes on.

With that in mind we’ve compiled some of the best lesson ideas around, covering subjects across the Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum that we’ll be posting up on social media over the next 99 (working) days.

Kicking off is this getting-to-know you computing activity based on creating digital self portraits, and we’ll be following up this week with a geography lesson that gets you exploring your local area, an MFL activity based on an Olympic-style race and an art and design lesson plan on Friday that will help your new class get to know each other a bit better at the end of the first week.

There’s loads more to come, from Roald Dahl lessons to all things creepy crawly in the buildup to Halloween.

So keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages each day, and follow our 99 Lesson Plans Pinterest board where they’ll all be added each Monday to Friday.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have 99 lesson plans, and a nasty five-letter b word loaded with misogyny ain’t one. Bored students won’t be one either.

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