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The Funniest Things Students Have Said

Whether it's a question, an answer, a request or remark, the unique things that come out of pupils' mouths will always keep you thinking on your feet

  • The Funniest Things Students Have Said

They say a teacher asks a billion questions a day (rough estimate), so the law of averages suggests they’ll get a few right here and there. But it also means that every so often your professionalism and ability not to laugh out loud will be pushed to the limits with answers that come from the outer limits of left field.

Hands up if this is familiar:

Bless them. It’s all part of the naivety of youth. They are here to learn after all, and we learn a lot from our mistakes, no matter how bizarrely off-base they are.

So, what are some of the strangest, funniest, cutest and most incredible things your students have ever come up with? Add them to our Twitter or Facebook posts and we’ll add the best to this article.

Here’s a selection to start you off:

We see your inner misery, Miss

That is unfortunate

Guess they liked his wall idea

This teacher’s students haven’t quite grasped the lunar cycle

They’re not too hot on the sun either


Ah, French

Beep boop

More correcting?

It just fell out, completely unaided

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