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Dr NQT: Or, How PhD Students Can Learn To Stop Worrying And Love Teaching

Researchers in Schools and #thesisforkids aims to ease the recruitment crisis in education

  • Dr NQT: Or, How PhD Students Can Learn To Stop Worrying And Love Teaching

A new teacher-training and professional development programme, open exclusively to researchers who have completed a doctorate, looks to create a new wave of great classroom teachers.

Researchers in Schools (RIS) aims to ‘increase and disseminate subject expertise, promote research and champion university access within schools by training researchers to become highly-effective classroom teachers and future subject leaders in the education sector’, while allowing trainees to maintain an academic profile by providing time and financial support for research projects, writing, publication and attending conferences.

Its novel approach on Twitter using the hashtag #thesisforkids challenges PhD students to translate their doctorate titles into language children can understand, using the line: ‘If you can explain it to a school kid, you’re an expert’. Here are some of the best entries so far:

1. How do Planarians Know When to Use Their Superpowers?

2. A Diasporic Politics of Belonging: Punjabis in Postwar Britain

3. The Dissemination of Visions of the Otherworld in England and Northern France c1150-c1321

4. Poetry in the Matador’s Cape: Masculinity in the Work of Vladimir Maiakovskii

5. Exploring the Problems Faced by Businesses in Pakistan in Obtaining Affordable Finance

6. The Cult of St Thomas Cantilupe and the Politics of Remembrance

7. The Effect of Non-glaucousness, as Conferred by Inhibitor of Wax 1, on Physiology and Yield of UK Wheat

8. When do Community Leaders Make a Difference? Exploring the Interaction of Actors and Institutions

9. The Possibility of the Christian Religious Education of Adults: Indoctrination, Preaching, Nurture, Education

10. From the Molecular Basis of ß2-microglobulin Amyloidogenesis to the Discovery of New Putative Drugs

The deadline for this year’s entries is tomorrow (1 June), so if you’re interested see the application process here, now.

You can also find out more about the project at reasearchersinschools.org.

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