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8 of the best converting measurements worksheets and resources for KS2 maths

Switch from cm to mm, km to miles and metric to non-metric with ease with these worksheets, interactive games and other primary teaching resources…

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1 | Converting measurements

These three converting measurements worksheets provide extra challenges for KS2 children.

In each one a variety of measurement conversion problems are spread across three sections, enabling you to use the whole sheet during a lesson or to select specific problems for different teaching sessions.

A separate answer sheet for all sections is included.

Click any of these links to get these resources:

  • Year 4 Converting Measurements
    Convert between different units of measure eg kilometre to metre; hour to minute.
  • Year 5 Converting Measurements
    Convert between different units of metric measure (for example, kilometre and metre; centimetre and metre; centimetre and millimetre; gram and kilogram; litre and millilitre) Understand and use approximate equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.
  • Year 5 Converting Metric and Non-Metric Measurements
    Understand and use approximate equivalences between metric units and common imperial units such as inches, pounds and pints.

2 | Converting units of length

In this lesson themathstutor shows you the simple steps to convert mm to cm to m to km in an easy-to-follow fashion with clear visuals for students to follow.

Watch it above, or on YouTube here.

3 | Comparing length

Carrying on with this area, in these comparing length review worksheets, Year 3 children will measure, compare, add and subtract: lengths (m/cm/mm); mass (kg/g); volume/capacity (l/ml).

A separate answer sheet is included for all three sections.

Get this resource here.

4 | Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

This resource tasks children with increasingly harder length conversion questions using a Who Wants to be a Millionaire? framework.

Download this PowerPoint here.

5 | Converting time measurement

Solve problems involving converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months; weeks to days.

They are designed for Year 4 children and include a variety of time problems and an answer sheet.

Get this resource here and also try the converting time on clocks worksheets.

6 | Metric units jigsaw

This printable PDF includes a number of triangles on with measurements on each side. Students need to match up the measurements to create a hexagon. The solution is included.

Print it out here.

7 | Online conversion questions

This interactive page offers a number of measurement conversion questions for children to answer. There are options for length, mass, volume and time, or there’s a mixed selection of word questions.

Give it a go here.

8 | Conversion word problems

This simple resource is a PDF of 26 conversion word problems for students to try.

Download it here.

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