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Childnet Launches New ‘Trust Me’ Resource for Teachers

Resource pack for primary and secondary schools aims to develop pupils' critical thinking skills when online

  • Childnet Launches New ‘Trust Me’ Resource for Teachers

Children’s e-safety charity Childnet has launched a new resource for primary and secondary teachers, aimed at developing pupils’ critical thinking skills when online.

Developed in partnership with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL), the free Trust Me resource is intended for use as part of PSHE and digital literacy lessons and seeks to build pupils’ ability to think critically and analyse information through a series of lesson plans relating to online content, contact and propaganda / media and social media literacy.

The lessons involve classroom discussion of questions ranging from ‘How can we know if a website is trustworthy?’ to ‘Why and how might someone gain your trust online?

According to LGfL CEO, John Jackson, “LGfL takes online safety very seriously, and through the work of its Safeguarding Board is constantly striving to source, recommend and develop resources that help schools in this important area. We are delighted to have had the opportunity for another partnership with Childnet. Critical thinking skills are essential in the online arena, and Trust Me is a valuable tool for teachers as they support a new generation of digital citizens.”

The Trust Me primary and secondary resource packs can be downloaded from here; for more information, visit www.childnet.com or follow @childnet

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