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Behaviour management strategies – Be unfailingly consistent

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If you wish to see consistently good behaviour from your students, then make sure that’s what they see from you

Robin Launder
by Robin Launder
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Make sure that you’re consistently the same person in each lesson, day in, day out.

There should be no surprises, erratic behaviour or sudden character shifts – and needless to say, the person you need to be is decent, measured and boundaried.

Be the same person with all of your students. You have no favourites in your classroom, or if you prefer, every student is your favourite. Either way, all should feel equally valued.

The stuff that’s happening in your life? Money worries, relationships, work issues – whatever it is, it shouldn’t intrude in your classroom, influence your behaviour or unsettle your consistency. Whatever’s outside the classroom must stay there.

By being consistent, your students will know where they are with you. They’ll understand your expectations and be able to work towards them. They’ll understand your boundaries and be able to keep within them.

But if you’re inconsistent, none of that’s possible. You’ll become a barrier to the learning, end up losing your students’ respect or worse – fill your students with anxiety as they try to double guess what you’re going to do next.

Robin Launder is a behaviour management consultant and speaker; find more tips in his weekly Better Behaviour online course – see for details

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