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Rising stars

Are you free to teach the lessons you want to teach?

Have your say on whether or not you get to share your passion for learning

  • Are you free to teach the lessons you want to teach?

When was the last time you felt really passionate about a lesson you taught? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? How often do you and your students feel lessons are driven by a shared sense of energy and purpose?

There’s a perception that high-stakes testing narrows the curriculum and stifles teachers’ freedom to explore what interests both them and their students - but is this really the case?

If your lessons aren’t quite what you’d like them to be, why is that? Is it the head’s fault, the government’s? Is it yours? What would you change about your lessons if you could? What’s stopping you? How would you teach if no one was watching?

Does greater professional freedom lead to better teaching?

These are just some of the questions we’d like you to help us answer ahead of a bigger debate we have coming up both online and in our magazines - Teach Secondary, Teach Primary and Primary School Management.

We don’t want to make any assumptions, so your feedback will be vital in shaping the conversation. Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll be sharing the results of the survey online, and also inviting teachers and headteachers to talk about their experiences in more detail. Watch this space.

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