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9 Great KS3 Science RSPCA Lesson Plans for National Pet Month

With April being National Pet Month, we thought we'd highlight some of the excellent teaching resources produced by the RSPCA for you to share with your KS3 class...

  • 9 Great KS3 Science RSPCA Lesson Plans for National Pet Month

1 | Animals and the law – Dogs and the law

In this activity, students consider different laws relating to dogs and other pets.

Download this lesson plan here.

2 | Animals and the law – Rights and responsibilities

Use roleplay to explore responsible pet ownership with this focus on non-domestic exotic animals.

Download this lesson plan here.

3 | Biodiversity – Living with badgers: roleplay and debate

The aim of this session is to consider the impact of human activity on animals and the environment and to consider ways to minimise this impact.

Students will consider a case study of badgers whose habitat is threatened by building development. They will explore views that are not necessarily their own, in addition to expressing their own opinions.

Download this lesson plan here.

4 | Biodiversity – Managing competition: red and grey squirrels

In this activity, students will examine how introduced species can affect native species using the example of the squirrel.

The session also identifies some important reasons why animals become endangered and analyses some of the measures used to conserve species.

Download this lesson plan here.

5 | Biodiversity – Predator/prey relationships and human activity

In this lesson, the students will examine how different marine animals are adapted to where they live, and the features of predator and prey animals.

The effect of human activity on their habitats and the population of the animals concerned will also be discussed.

Download this lesson plan here.

6 | Biodiversity – Reintroducing species: a debate

Examine reasons why animals become extinct and consider reintroducing a species to an environment.

Download this lesson plan here.

7 | Campaigning for animal welfare

Here, students plan and/or carry out a campaign on an animal welfare issue.

Download this lesson plan here.

8 | Farming – Designing a chicken welfare experiment

Examine the reasons for selective breeding of chickens for meat and learn how extreme selection for specific traits can cause unnecessary suffering to the chicken.

Download this lesson plan here.

9 | Farming – Intensive farming selective breeding – ethics

In this lesson students will examine the welfare and ethical issues concerned with rearing chickens for meat as an example of selective breeding and intensive farming.

Download this lesson plan here.

Find more great resources from the RSPCA at education.rspca.org.uk/education and follow @RSPCA_official on Twitter.


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